When Church Leaders Fail the Faithful

I have written on Christian topics for previously, but I want to address a disturbing trend that is affecting Christians of many denominations, and this is that both the leadership and individual pastors and priests have at best surrendered and at worse profaned their faith in supplication to the edicts of the state and the ruling Western Oligarchy, as they appear if not indifferent to the truth they are at least hostile to learning it (regarding the COVID-1984 pandemic), or have engaged in what I believe is both obvious anti-Christian and heretical conduct in supporting agendas that include Black Lives Matter.

As readers of this site are well aware, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an admittedly Marxist organization, and supporting articles include the following from posted to, “Why Marxist Organizations Like BLM Seek to Dismantle the ‘Western Nuclear Family,’” “To Understand BLM” by Michael S. Rozeff, and “The Demand to Have Statues & Paintings of ‘White Jesus’ Torn Down Has Made BLM an Iconoclast Movement, Not Just a Marxist One” by Guy Birchall.

Now I am very much aware of the teachings of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for He said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Yet in the recent reprinting of the English language translation of a Byzantine Commentary on the Gospel of Saint Matthew by Bl. Theophylact, which was written in approximately in 1090 AD and until relatively recently this work was unknown in the English language (the translator used the King James text, with minor clarifications that are documented, for the extensive New Testament quotations in all the commentaries); these four books use the teachings of the Church Fathers accepted by both Catholic and Orthodox denominations, as I’ve discussed in the past here, Church Fathers who include Saint John Chrysostom. Regarding the commandment, “Judge not,” Bl. Theophylact writes simply: The Non-Orthodox: The ... Barnes, Patrick Best Price: $24.99 Buy New $34.95 (as of 05:55 UTC - Details)

“[Jesus Christ] forbids condemning others, but not reproving others. A reproof is for another’s benefit, but condemnation expresses only derision and scorn. You may also understand that the Lord is speaking of one who, despite his own great sins, condemns others who have lesser sins of which God will be the Judge.”

In that spirit, highly aware and attempting to correct my own sins and sinful nature, and as translator of the commentaries Fr. Christopher Stade wrote in his 1992 introduction to the text on Matthew, “I beg God’s forgiveness for sin, ignorance, and negligence on my part, and I beg you, the reader, your prayers and forbearance.”  Thus, I hope as I reprove the questionable conduct I will highlight in the spirit of helping Christians, and those who condemn Christians for hypocrisy who are not Christians, to understand that these “authorities” do not speak for all of us who believe.

Pope Francis, who is much discussed in, was revealed in a Huffington Post piece that he opined,“Let us look in the mirror before judging before a Mass.” I rather suspect that Pope Francis is using this most quoted portion of the New Testament, “Judge not,” in the same manner unbelievers use it as a weapon against Christian believers, who most certainly are cognizant of its true meaning, as I have cited above.

Thus, when Lew Rockwell recently posted on Political Theater “Bergoglio uses COVID-19 to call for an end to individualism” and also “Bergoglio repetitiously backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled,” Pope Francis, I believe, is in fact attempting to forestall non only reproof against him, but also any questioning of his agenda and the powers behind it, which I have already discussed in a prior piece I wrote for I would also explain how “heretic” is understood by the Church Fathers. As Father Patrick Barnes writes in his Book The Non-Orthodox: The Orthodox Teaching on Christians Outside of the Church:

“We live in a culture of extreme atheistic relativism, where the only dogma tolerated is that we should be intolerant of those who actually believe that there are dogmas reflecting absolute truth. Combine this with popular attitudes reflecting sensitivity to ‘multi-cultural diversity’ and ‘politically correct language,’ and the terms ‘heretic’ and ‘heresy’ end up seeming harsh and ‘unloving.’ Yet these traditional terms, found often in the writings of the Fathers, should not be viewed by informed and soberminded people in such an emotionally negative way.”

And then quoting from “What Is Heresy?,” St. Nectarios Education Series No. 63, he cites the following statement:

“[T]hese words [that is, heretic and heresy] have been in the theological glossary of the Orthodox Church from the beginning.

“A ‘heretic’ is simply one who maintains a ‘heretical doctrine.’ The sincerity and

good will of the ‘heretic’ is not in question. Nevertheless, ‘heresy’ is evil, because it is

a powerful means by which the devil seeks to ‘prevail’ against the Church…” Intercession Our Fathe... Buy New $14.99 (as of 05:55 UTC - Details)

On the other hand, as recently posted on Political Theater linking to this site, “Heroic Priest Fr. Daniel Nolan, FSSP: ‘I encourage everybody not to wear a mask,’” the author writes, “Note: I was told by a parishioner of Fr. Nolan’s parish whom I trust there that ‘Catholic News Agency’ is the one who created this alleged ‘controversy’ by calling to report the priest to the Diocese and to his superiors…I have posted his homilies here before. This one is a must-hear: Latin Mass Priest on COVID: ‘Our republic has become a phobiocracy—ruled by fear. No virus is worse than an out-of-control government!’”

Fr. Nolan shows that he is challenging the heretical Christian authority of his superiors and might suffer adverse consequences for doing so; we Christians of every denomination should pray for him in gratitude for his courage and for his strength to defy authority and speak truth, which I believe is sacred to God.

Lest anyone think I pick on an easy target like Pope Francis, I also find heretical the Russian Orthodox support by the EASTERN AMERICAN DIOCESE Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia of the polices of the state that does not use Romans 13 as its authority but Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, states in, “NEW YORK CITY: APPEAL OF THE FIRST HIERARCH OF THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH OUTSIDE OF RUSSIA TO THE GOD-LOVING FLOCK, IN CONNECTION WITH THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC:”

“Unfortunately, we also hear of sorrowful instances of insubordination not only to local authorities, but also to the ruling bishops. Such behavior on the part of the clergy and lay parish officers is completely irresponsible and involves risk not only to the physical health of our neighbors, but also to our relationships with these communities and to parish property. Tempting God and man, their actions can result in insurmountable fines and other measures from law enforcement. In so doing, they irreparably damage their relationships with those around them, sowing in them doubts toward Christ’s Church, whose members must serve as an example. As a result of their disobedience and so-called ‘zeal not according to knowledge’ (Romans 10:2), there can even develop divisions and conflicts within the parish communities themselves.

“‘Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God,’ writes the Apostle Peter, ‘That He may exalt you in due time; casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you’ (I Peter 5:6-7).”

So is Metropolitan Hilarion, when he states those who dissent from the totalitarian measures out of “Zeal, not according to knowledge,” when as readers of this site know from writings from Bill Sardi, Jon Rappoport and numerous others that they are not acting out “zeal” but are acting based on the truth. The latest announcement regarding COVID posted on the site was in May and stated in part that, “In a letter to campers, counselors, and families (the full text of which is available here), the Administrative and Advisory Committee members of St. Seraphim Camp announced that camp this year will be suspended, in light of ongoing concerns relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.” Again, there is nothing that supports this position using the facts obtained and discussed by others who have experience and have researched COVID.

But there is good news in one Russian Orthodox community that I know of: Saint Sabbas Monastery, which I wrote about in “Living a Dystopian Nightmare: The Response of the Churches,” is not only open but their wonderful restaurant, The Royal Eagle, in Harper Woods, Michigan, “all proceeds sustain the daily life and development of St Sabbas community,” is also open.

I will also provide this relatively short video by Spiro Skouras, whom I learned about from Lew Rockwell’s posting of his writing and videos, an investigative reporter and who has not posted another new video, even on BitChute  (the source, from his channel there) since its publication on August 24, and he expressed concerns about YouTube deleting his channel as well:


Of course, the government states frequently, at every level, that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” for not complying with edicts. Have these speakers for the churches been justified to attack those who oppose the draconian measures of control that has changed our life for the worse then allowed to condemn us by their ignorance or unwillingness to seek the truth, and humble themselves before the Western world’s Caesars? Certainly in the traditional definition of heresy I cited, they are heretics because they are promoting false doctrine, in my opinion.

Who among is not upset and angered by this heartrending video of the actions of the police bullies against this pregnant woman, only shown on RT and discussed on Zerohedge:

Aussie arrested for lockdown protest

Has any church leader supported this poor soul? I wonder if she or her boyfriend meekly (meaning without anger, showing self-restraint and politeness) challenged the extremely hostile and abusive police with the question if lives mattered to them, how could they risk her life by their conduct or how with any conscience they could behave in such a cruel way and deny the woman her rights to free expression? In any event, I suspect they would have answered like all good fascists they were following orders and they were acting out of concern for the greater good.

Most recently RT also posted this disturbing video showing storm trooper type tactics used on a citizen in Australia:

A bad day | Aussie ‘COVID dissident’ arrested after backing Melbourne anti-lockdown protest

The latest news on September 5th is “Dozens arrested in ‘Freedom Day’ Aussie Lockdown Protests” posted on Yahoo.

What makes the Orthodox and Catholic leaders position on COVID untenable to me is that as recently posted, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, who is not Orthodox or Catholic, knows the truth and discussed it:

“From this point forward, anyone who submits to this phony, fraudulent corona narrative is a willing participant in tyranny. Those who continue to go along with this masquerade need to stop waving the flag and stop singing God Bless America, because they are volitionally submitting to their own subjugation. THEY ARE WILLING SLAVES.”

And I would ask are Pope Francis and Metropolitan Hilarion thus willing slaves? Surprised by Christ: M... Bernstein, A. James Best Price: $7.95 Buy New $18.95 (as of 05:55 UTC - Details)

And the heresy goes beyond the issue of COVID. Guy Birchall wrote in “The Demand to Have Statues & Paintings of ‘White Jesus’ Torn Down Has Made BLM an Iconoclast Movement, Not Just a Marxist One

Indeed, in “BLM Is Anti-Christian” published in, what Michael S. Rozeff predicted in July of this year has come true: “What is likely is that BLM will more and more come out into the open with its anti-Christian beliefs and that it will inspire or even instigate attacks on Christians, Christian churches and Christian organizations.”

Yet what is the position of many priests and church leaders?

From the article “NY priest leads congregation during Mass in pledging to ‘dismantle’ ‘white privilege…supremacy’” posted on LifeSite News:

“A Jesuit priest in New York City last Sunday led his congregation in a ‘prayer for racial justice,’ accepting the controversial concept of ‘white privilege’ as a reality. He asked the faithful if they were willing to ‘transform our Church culture.’

“Fr. Kenneth Boller S.J., the local pastor at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, had photos of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd—black people killed in recent months—on display at what appeared to be a side altar…”

Is this conduct not heresy to Christians, whatever their denomination? Tucker Carlson featured this video of a Jesuit Catholic priest actions, detailed at Lifesite News. I cannot find Tucker’s video on either YouTube or BitChute or even on the Internet, including his site at Fox News, but I did find this Next News video that also shows the excerpt of the service in question via BitChute, in case YouTube removes it:


Regarding those in authority in the Greek Orthodox Church, Archibishop Elpidophoros became notorious to the Orthodox community as noted in this article, “Did a Greek Archbishop March to Destroy Icons?” which noted:

Archbishop Elpidophoros of the Greek Archdiocese attended a Black Lives Matter march in Brooklyn at the invitation of a couple of local politicians. The official press release is at the Orthodox Observer

But His Eminence did not carry an icon or even a cross. Nor did he seem to mention Jesus or the need for all of us to repent of our sins and be reconciled one with another…

There is another problem with the Archbishop’s participation in this march. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is more than just a slogan or a #hashtag. There is an actual organization by that name whose goals are distinctly anti-Christian. Black Lives Matters is a Marxist organization. While it does protest for police reform (a very worthy goal), its agenda is much broader… Rosaries For Men | Men... Buy New $11.99 (as of 05:55 UTC - Details)

In a recent interview, His Eminence said, ‘I know that some few are worried about some political associations, but, as a Church and as a Church leader, there is a responsibility to speak up and speak out for justice and the rule of law for all people.’

Not long after the Archbishop marched, holding a Black Lives Matter sign, the [Christian] statues started to topple and the violence worsened as police repeatedly stood down.

As was recently noted by a Jewish Orthodox convert to Christianity, the retired Fr. James Bernstein who wrote Surprised by Christ: My Journey From Judaism to Orthodox Christianity, in his article “Greek Orthodox Bishop Prays Benediction for National Group Supporting Sodomy & Infanticide,” discussing the same Archbishop Elpidophoros he observed:

“The Democrat Party platform of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris openly supports infanticide (abortion up to birth and even possibly allowing the child to die after a botched abortion). They also openly support homosexuality, transgenderism, and a vast array of sexual immorality.

“Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic and his own bishop of the Scranton, PA Diocese has excommunicated him in 2008 as well as any who would vote for him for his extreme anti-Christian stances.

“How can an Orthodox Bishop pray a benediction for GOD’S BLESSING upon the proceedings?

Would an ancient bishop pray a benediction blessing a Pagan Roman Convocation?

“Rather than to call down God’s blessings upon the proceedings it would be more appropriate for the Bishop to call for REPENTANCE or call down God’s CURSE! Lord have mercy.”

The good news is the most recent post on Orthodox Reflections is “Public Criticism of Orthodox Bishops by the Faithful – Responding to Letters from Priests,” which shows the faithful of every denomination (as the wonderful Becky Akers documents on in her frequent blog posts) of many denominations are standing up to the heresy of those in “authority,” Christian Pharisees and Sadducees, who Jesus Christ warned us about.

In my decaying city, a house had this BLM sign prominently displayed on the lawn; Amazon sells it—the source of the image, a house had this BLM sign prominently displayed on the lawn. Do the people who live there believe in it? Do they believe displaying mockery will be a talisman to protect them? Are they so scornful or indifferent to the Christian faith? If it were a parody sign, such as “Support Mental Illness or I’ll Kill You,” there is nothing to condemn, but this sign, to a Christian believer, is an obscene use of Jesus Christ’s teaching. Are they not aware to Christians this is blasphemy?

Lord have mercy!