Democrats’ Day of Infamy: The Pernicious Influence of Multiculturalism

On June 8 a group of some twenty leading Congressional Democrats – including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer – knelt down and bowed their heads in the Emancipation Hall of the US Capitol building in Washington in DC. Contrary to appearance, the purpose of this solemnity was not to honor God. The Democrats performed this act of self-abnegation in capitulation to Black Lives Matter whose members have been pressurizing citizens of this country to kneel down in acknowledgment of their claims and grievances. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a Marxist organization that claims that America is an irredeemably racist and unjust society that oppresses black people. Because of this deeply rooted racism, BLM insists, American institutions and ways of doing things must be torn down and replaced with a new order. To make this point clear, BLM has organized and spearheaded riots across the country that attacked symbols of American culture and destroyed dozens of cities. The burning of the American flag and chants of “F-ck America!” have been commonplace at such events. In one of the recent events the protestors also chanted “F-ck your Jesus!” It is difficult to see the relevance of this blasphemous obscenity except as the nihilistic desire to desecrate anything and everything that has to do with this country’s history and heritage.

Day of infamy: Leading Congressional Democrats selling out their own culture

Nearly Natural Golden ... Best Price: $59.79 Buy New $64.99 (as of 04:08 UTC - Details) Needless to say, the claims of BLM are completely false. The fact is that America is not a racist society. Not only do black people in America have the same rights as the white majority, they enjoy special rights and privileges (to which looting privileges are the latest addition) that the rest do not. The list of these is long and we have already covered the subject elsewhere (see here and here). For now, let us just mention the special quotas for minorities in government employment and contracts as well as in university admissions. Only last month the US Department of Justice found that a major IVY league university is in violation of civil rights laws by illegally discriminating in its admission procedures against white and Asian students in favor of blacks. Apparently at Yale white and Asian students have a ninety percent lower chance of being admitted than their black counterparts with comparable scores. This is nothing but an unseemly form of racism, but this racism is certainly not directly against black candidates. Such pro-black discriminatory practices are completely common throughout the American system of higher education as well as in other spheres of life.

The Democrats’ kneeling ceremony was ostensibly conducted in memory of George Floyd, a violent serial criminal whose death has been presented as evidence of racism in America. It is racism, they say, that inspired the act of police excess that resulted in Floyd’s death. But within days of the incident there was already a large body of evidence that clearly showed that Floyd’s demise occurred as a result of drug overdose. The autopsy revealed no evidence of trauma to his torso or to his breathing apparatus, proving that Floyd was not killed by the cop who held him. George Floyd died due to a cardiopulmonary arrest brought on by a lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system which was three times the fatal level. (If you are interested, we recommend this excellent analysis of the event which includes links to relevant primary sources.) The reason Floyd was put into hold was because the policemen on the scene determined, correctly it appears, that he was suffering from excited delirium (EXD). Excited delirium is an episode of violent agitation caused by drug overdose. This burst of energy often takes place moments before death occurs. Even as the officers placed Floyd under restraint, they phoned for an ambulance. They did exactly what they were supposed to do. They subdued the fatally overdosed man in the grip of excited delirium and called for medical assistance in an effort to save his life.

By kneeling in the Capitol on June 8, the Democrats accepted the slanderous accusations against their own nation. This was truly a moment of infamy when leaders of a major US political party surrendered before the false claims of a radical organization whose stated goal is the toppling of American society as we know it. In a truly strange twist to this event, even as the Democrats showed contempt for their own nation’s heritage, they draped themselves in a symbol of a foreign culture. As they were kneeling with their heads bowed colorful shawls hung from their shoulders. They were made of so-called Kente cloth. In case you do not know what it is, here is some background information: Instant Pot IP-DUO60 3... Best Price: $55.30 Buy New $79.00 (as of 02:55 UTC - Details)

“The first Kente cloth emerged about 500 years ago in the area of West Africa now known as Ghana. The dominant group were the Ashanti, who, by the early 1800s, controlled nearly all of the area of present-day Ghana (Asante is an alternative spelling.)… The Ashanti played a well-documented role in the European slave trade. In the 1700s, millions of Africans passed through Ghana ports, having been sold to British and Dutch slavers in exchange for weapons and other European goods. The British abolished slavery in 1807, but enforcement of the ban in Western Africa was weak.”

What a paradox: Even as they honored the specious charge of racism against their own country, the Democrats wrapped themselves in a symbol of a slaving trading society. The Asante were obviously black people, which means that they preyed on other black people whom they captured and sold by shipfull to whoever paid the best price. Perhaps the Democrats may want to know what the Asante did with their ill-gotten gains. According to an article the US Today:

“The Asante supplied British and Dutch traders with slaves in exchange for firearms, which they used to expand their empire. Slaves were often acquired as tributes from smaller states or captured during war. Some slaves were brought across the Atlantic whiles others stayed in Africa to work in gold fields.”

So, with the profits obtained by selling out their African compatriots, the Asante bought firearms which they used to murder more black Africans in their rapacious conquests. It must have been a sorry sight. Since African civilization was at the time only in an early iron age stage of development, the people whom the Asante aimed to subdue were only armed with primitive weapons. The firearms gave the Asante an overwhelming advantage which these ruthless people exploited to the full. The lead bullets from their newly acquired riffles easily mowed down easily their virtually defenseless victims armed only with bows, spears, sticks and stones.

Worse yet, the Asante never repented and only rolled back their slave trade when the Westerners banned the practice. The Asante, however, would not let go easily. Their attitude seems to be typical of indigenous African cultures, all of which seem to have been deeply steeped in slavery, oppression and cruelties of different kinds such as misogyny as well as human sacrifice. In fact, misogyny, female circumcision, slavery and human trafficking are practiced in many places in Africa to this very day in spite of two centuries of Western efforts to stop these kinds of activities. Unbelievably, indigenous African cultures continue to practice child sacrifice to this day. From Wikipedia: Printed Kicks Trump 20... Buy New $44.99 (as of 04:08 UTC - Details)

“In Sub-Saharan Africa, “the practice of ritual killing and human sacrifice continues to take place … in contravention of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and other human rights instruments.” In the 21st century, such practices have been reported in Nigeria, Uganda, Swaziland, Liberia, Tanzania, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, as well as Mozambique, and Mali. This is the harmful practice of removing body parts, blood or tissue from a child who is still alive.”

The Asante’s history of oppression, slave-trading and murder should draw a special kind of condemnation in these racially sensitive times when statues of those who had even the most tangential connection to slavery are being desecrated. The US Congress should pass a special resolution condemning the unwholesome deeds of the Asante people – as well as other African slave-trading tribes – who not only enslaved their fellow Africans but never apologized or expressed regret for their actions. Have these Congressional Democrats no shame? If they had any sense of justice, they would – instead of parading themselves in Kente shawls – travel to Africa and pull down the statues of all Asante chieftains as well non-chieftains, since that culture was so deeply enmeshed in slavery that no man was innocent of it.

The Democrats’ Kente cloth antics are the result of the moral confusion sewn by the four decades of multiculturalism. Multiculturism, as you may know, is the toxic ideology that slanders and denigrates Western culture while extolling the alleged virtues of foreign and exotic cultures such as the spirit-worshiping, slave-trading Asante. How astonishing that while denigrating their own legacy the Congressional Democrats would voluntarily wear insignia of such a predatory people. What have the Asante ever done for the good of mankind to merit such an honor in the halls of the US Capitol? If the historical records are anything to go by, their main legacy seems to be slavery, oppression and misogyny.

Democrats’ own country’s contributions to the well-being humanity, on the other hand, are immense indeed. For one thing, America has created a truly free and affluent society. In America the descendants of the Asante as well as the progeny of those whom they enslaved and sold off not only enjoy equal rights with the white majority, but they even receive special privileges. This by itself would be a memorable accomplishment, but it is only one of many. America has also been the last hope of man as it led the world in the struggle against the dark forces of fascism and communism. Over the last one hundred and fifty years, Americans have gifted the world with tremendous discoveries and advancement across most fields of human endeavor. Science, technology, education have all been blessed by the efforts of resourceful and industrious Americans. They have sent men to the moon and tackled the frontiers of space. They have created life-saving medicines and technologies. America has given us the automobile, the lightbulb, the washing machine, the motion picture, the airplane, the transistor, Coca Cola, the microchip, the Lewi’s jeans, the microwave, the internet, the Hubble Space Telescope, Donald Duck, the personal computer, Elvis and the iPhone among many other things. It has also given us McDonald’s and now even the Donald himself. Immunity Boost Supplem... Buy New $24.99 ($0.28 / Count) (as of 03:49 UTC - Details)

What have the Asante accomplished in the meantime? What are their contributions to the advancement of humanity? Where are their inventions? We have yet to see the Asante equivalent of the space shuttle, but a humble radio receiver would also do.

The Democrats’ Asante stunt brings to mind the antics of another hapless leader. He was a Roman emperor by the name Gratian who ascended to power in 375 AD. Like the Democrats, he found himself at the helm of his country at a time of crisis when the Roman empire was facing severe pressures on multiple fronts. Like the Democrats, Gratian was also apparently an avid multiculturalist. The wretched emperor surrounded himself with members of foreign tribes with whom he would spend much of his time. As with the Democrats’ enthusiasm for the Asante, Gratian seems to have had a special liking for the Alans, a barbaric tribe from behind the Rhine River. He gave them official positions and – like the Democrats on the Capitol Hill the other day – he would appear in court dressed in their exotic garbs. This promotion of foreign pagans angered his Christian army and caused revulsion among decent patriotic Romans. They tried to bear with their foolish emperor for a while but when his incompetence became unbearable, they had him cancelled.

It is hoped that the disloyal Democrats will get cancelled by the ballot box at the next election. But we should not hold our breath. The decades of relentless multiculturalism have wrought their insidious work. When our culture is being slandered, denigrated and sold out, there is almost no one left to defend it.

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