Letter to a Left-Wing Friend

About her NYC podcast.

I listened to some of your broadcasts and they reminded me of that phrase, “be careful what you ask for”. Do you people really understand what it is that you are supporting and what it is that you are asking to happen? (Interesting that goingviral contains no contact information and zero information about the mission and nature of goingviral [??] And in the light of the absolutely devastating/horrifying consequences of the “fact-free” and unprecedented global “lockdown,” the opening song on this daily broadcast [“. . . stay the fuck at home . . .”] is, to say the very least, “obscene”.)

Regarding the 2020 election. All, without exception, of the cities that have been experiencing devastating looting, burning, destruction are Democrat controlled cities. All of these cities were a complete mess even before the burning, looting, etc. began. In San Francisco piss, feces and needles all over the streets and ahuge homeless population in LA with garbage, feces, etc. connected with this phenomenon creating a big rat population and the possibility of recurrence of plague and other serious diseases coming from rats.

Donald Trump Hat Camou... Buy New $10.99 (as of 02:58 EDT - Details) It is an absolute, documented fact that these horrors of so many of the Democrat controlled cities were brought about by leaders (mayors and their minions) who enacted policies that not only grew the homeless (and welfare) population by leaps and bounds, but which also put into place the exact policies that resulted in the horror that normal people in all of these cities find themselves today.

These same mayors and government officials (including bureaucrats) not only stood down in connection with the burning, looting, destruction, but many went a step further and actively supported BLM and Antifa and all of the so-called “peaceful protestors”. (Your mayor, De Blasio, joined BLM to paint in huge yellow letters BLACK LIVES MATTER across a major NYC street!)

Despite what you think, the greater portion of the American population is NOT stupid and because of the above and many other good things that Trump has done or has been trying to do, his support has increased enormously since he was legitimately elected in 2016.

I would put all my money on a bet that not only would Trump win today (and that he will win in November), but that he would/will also win in a landslide. Which is why the Dems are laying the ground for (1) stealing the election; and, (2) an actual coup-d’état.

Please also take note of the fact that all of the big allegations/accusations that have been levelled at Trump since he legitimately won the election in 2016 have proven to be false, without a single drop of evidence. Despite all the millions of $US that were put into removing a duly elected president, all these efforts failed and the commissions carrying out the odious investigation operations had to admit in the end that they COULD FIND NO EVIDENCE.

While on the other hand, take for instance the Clintons and all of their documented racketeering activity, via the Clinton Global Initiative (Clinton Foundation) and how they stole nearly all of the money that “they” raised for disaster relief in Haiti, giving almost all the money to themselves and to their crony friends. Donald Trump 2020 Coll... Buy New $37.94 (as of 05:17 EDT - Details)

What about all the documented connections between the Clintons and child sex trafficking? Pedophilia? (John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, “Pizzagate”) The Epstein connection with the Clintons who are listed a minimum of twenty-seven times on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”.

And what about Biden and his son and the Biden pay-for-play scheme with Ukraine, and the “fake” job that Biden’s son was given as reward (resulting in $USm of kickback for the Bidens)?? This is all documented.

Do you cover the above on goingviral? Do you even mention any of this and look into it? If not, why not?

Are you aware that Nobel Peace Prize president Obama involved the US in more illegal wars than Bush, Jr.? That he repeatedly sent drones into poor and comparatively defenceless countries, killing thousands and thousands of innocent people??

Are you aware that Obama was a big time supporter of Wall Street, as evidenced by his Wall Street bailouts? (with essentially zero help to Mainstreet)

Are you aware that as of today, Trump has 44% support among Black people? What did Obama do/accomplish for Black people?

Are you aware that Obama supported the NDAA act (2014) which gave the president the power to imprison US citizens in military detention forever, without any documented cause and without legal representation? And you call Trump “fascist”???

Do you even know what “fascist” is??? (It is when governments are “in bed” with the big corporations.)

VoVii Mens Trump 2020 ... Buy New $6.99 (as of 05:37 EDT - Details) The US government as a whole has been “fascist” for some time now and it has nothing to do with Trump. The EU parliament is “fascist”. This “public-private” “partnership” to “fight COVID” is solidly “fascist” at its core. (The fact that the US government allows its favoured US mega-corporations to remain open for business during the entire lockdown, whereas small mom and pop businesses must close is outright “fascist”.)

In any case, the American public between theEast Coast and the West Coast (so called “flyover” country) may be “deplorable” to people like you, but in any case they are not stupid. Nor is 44% of America’s Black population.

There are still many in the American public that cannot be so stupid to vote for a senile and completely corrupt Biden with an absolutely evil and corrupt running mate (Kamala Harris).

No way Biden would win if an election happens today or on 3 November.

The Dems are at least smart enough enough to realise the above and they are already setting the stage for a clear-cut Trump win. (If it were a close election, they could probably get away with stealing the election on election night, but with a landslide, no, and there is no doubt about it, a landslide it will be).

So what the Dems are planning now is for massive mail-in votes and wouldn’t you know it, —  it is much easier to cheat with mail-in ballots. Their plan is to let Trump win on election night, but then reverse the results in the coming weeks with a massive mail-in ballot manipulation. And they’ve already got all their attorneys lined up to carry out an exhaustive battle, while meanwhile Trump is to be forcibly removed.

And you can already see what they are planning when people like Hillary Clinton are telling Joe Biden that HE SHOULD NOT CONCEDE, NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what??? You mean, even if Trump has a clear and a fair victory, Biden should not concede??

And Nancy Pelosi is calling for the president to be removed by the military from the White House. Make Liberals Cry Agai... Buy New $14.90 (as of 05:37 EDT - Details)

What you are seeing here among the Dems (and what you have been seeing with these criminals for some time now) is nothing less than BANANA REPUBLIC stuff. Which is why I am saying, “be careful what you ask for”. Because if you are calling for and supporting the removal of Trump BY ANY MEANS, no matter what, and this actually comes to pass in the 🇺🇸, then you will be left with exactly what you asked for — BANANA REPUBLIC 🍌🍌🍌

Incidentally, did you know that Nancy Pelosi was caught live on video in a hair salon in San Francisco and without a mask to boot??? This was among the thousands of hair salons that have been prevented from being open for business due to the COVID economic activity shutdown. But it is, of course, okay for the salon to open for Pelosi and even though she orders all Americans to wear a mask even when they are out on the street, Ms. Pelosi has the privilege to wear no mask in the allegedly “dangerous closed space” of one of those hair salons that she has shut down. (???)

In any case, if the Dems’ treasonous and yes, “fascist” plan to remove Trump by any means possible comes to fruition then you can and should expect all hell to break loose in the US, including in the once-great NYC. (Though you can also expect an even greater hell to break loose if Trump remains in place, as destruction and nihilism have now become a hallmark of the American Left.)

I suspect that the devastation that you and most US citizens have experienced since February 2020 will be child’s play in comparison with what’s in store throughout the US (particularly in Dem controlled cities) in the days, weeks and possibly much longer following the 2020 election.

All those Hitler supporters in mid-1930s Germany had no idea what exactly it was they were supporting, but by 1945, they sure found out, no?


No reply from “friend” to any of questions in above text. I also invited “Left-wing ‘friend’” to provide a written public reply to the above that could be published in LRC along with my email to her. No reply to this suggestion and no reply when I asked her to provide some specifics in the form of hard data on her claim that “Trump had destroyed the US Justice Department and other government entities”. Moreover, after writing this text to “Left-wing ‘friend’” I received a communication back from her in which she stated the following: “BTW, antifa [sic] does not really exist, as I understand it”. In the meantime, “Left-wing ‘friend’” had UN-FRENDED me on WhatsApp.