In Your Face

Jefferson wrote that it is evil and tyrannical to force a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he despises.

Something far more evil and tyrannical is afoot. Or rather, being forced onto people’s faces.

The Diaper.

The  thing itself is itself is merely sad. Its wearer – by choice – identifies himself as a person easily scared or very neurotic. A person who believes that death – as opposed to the cases! the cases! – is in the air rather than being transmitted over the air. The Case Against Masks... Heckenlively, Kent Buy New $12.99 (as of 04:52 EDT - Details)

And that feelings prevent sickness.

If this person were thinking rather than feeling, he would not wear a dirty bandana over his face nor be calmed by the sight of others so attired. He would wear at least an N100 mask/respirator – something that is actually effective at “stopping the spread”  . . . but which also costs a great deal more than a dirty bandana or a throw-away face condom.

Apparently, his life – and granny’s – isn’t worth the $25 or so it takes to buy an N100 or better device. Plus the goggles. Mustn’t forget them  . . . assuming this isn’t about feelings.

But of course, it is about spreading submission – to an idea – by participating in a ritual.

By making everyone look the same the impression is conveyed that they think the same. Which serves to legitimize this sameness. The Invisible Enemy Garrett, Mr. Gregory L... Buy New $26.94 (as of 05:21 EDT - Details)

It also serves another, more despicable purpose. That being to make the thinking feel – by looking – foolish. When he knows better.

Precisely because he does know better. He must be made to submit in order to make it clear that they can make him.

To break him, in other words.

The Imposed Diaper is the visible symbol of the coerced submission of the thinking individual to an idea he finds foolish and absurd; it is no different than making an adult suck his thumb – or put his thumb in another place – as the price of being permitted to go out in public or go into a place of business.

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