The End of Modernity

The other day I was in line (social distancing) to receive communion. There was a baby in a carriage looking up at me but with no emotion whatsoever. As I smiled there was no reaction, only a blank stare. I was wearing a mask. I then turned to see that its mother was also wearing a mask. What kind of children will be raised in a masked society?

Many people in my internet world now see with alarm a new level of population control. Peter Hitchens, C.J. Hopkins, the Bionic Mosquito, are worth reading; and this one by Gareth Roberts comparing our new world order to the Village from the Patrick McGoohan series the Prisoner is I think especially accurate in the type of horror (with a smile) society is becoming.

A Republic Under Assau... Fitton, Tom Buy New $30.00 (as of 03:00 UTC - Details) I feel like I am participating in a kind of giant Milgram experiment where the population of the world (at least the developed world) is being socialized into unthinking, fear inspired obedience. Terrorism, financial collapse, epidemics and biosecurity, and cultural revolution are all top down events aimed at creating a docile, obedient population. It is clear that to the powers that be, all human relationships, simple pleasures, social and psychological needs are expendable. All individual humans are expendable. It is telling that the elite has politically dropped the working class in favor of extreme environmentalism and immigration. Human labor (at least in the developed world) is no longer seen as being essential.  As James Corbett has documented, the achieved goal is population control.

America On Suicide Wat... Watkins, Richter Best Price: $10.81 Buy New $9.99 (as of 03:43 UTC - Details) The Renaissance was the transition from a culture centered on Christianity (the age of faith as exemplified by Chartres Cathedral) to the human centered modern culture (the age of human individuality as exemplified by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man). This was the age of modernity, but modernity is now over; the dystopian present is a postmodern, post-human world as exemplified by the robot Sophia. As our human individuality will be covered by a mask, our every move and purchase will be noted and approved by an electronic system of control, our very DNA will be at the mercy of mandatory vaccines.

In these troubling times I fear for my family. I find it very difficult to discuss these fears with my wife who is French and a journalist so sees the world through very different lenses than me. I recently met a group of friends, all graduates from the elite French university Science Po, on a lovely evening at an outdoor bar along the Seine. A very nice and intelligent gentleman I was speaking with did not wear a mask, but had total belief in the virus and the government. I tried to present a different point of view though I doubt that I was convincing.

In these desperate times, I feel the two actions that are essential are to take courage and to pray.