The Face Mask Placebo


Health Authorities Admit Face Masks Don’t Halt Infectivity But The Fearful Masses Need Something To Handle Public Anxiety. Even The New England Journal Of Medicine Admits The Futility Of Wearing Face Masks To Protect Against COVID-19 Coronavirus.

What is desperately needed are valium-laced face masks with drug-laced inserts to facilitate the continued aerosol delivery of anti-anxiety medications directly into the lungs.  Public anxiety over a contrived threat from a mutated coronavirus has the masses acting like frightened sheep.

You mean face masks aren’t going to protect me from getting the dreaded COVID-19 coronavirus?  Answer: They are not. Invincible Microbe: Tu... Blank, Alison Best Price: $7.88 Buy New $7.99 (as of 04:18 UTC - Details)

You mean face masks don’t really keep me from spreading the infection to others?  Answer: No.

Here are direct quotes from The New England Journal of Medicine April 1, 2020 report on universal face masking to protect against transmission of the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

“We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection…

“The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is… minimal….

“…During the care of a patient with unrecognized Covid-19…. A mask alone in this setting will reduce risk only slightly, however, since it does not provide protection from droplets that may enter the eyes or from fomites on the patient or in the environment that providers may pick up on their hands and carry to their mucous membranes (particularly given the concern that mask wearers may have an increased tendency to touch their faces)…..  

“…Universal masking alone is not a panacea….  

“The extent of marginal benefit of universal masking over and above these foundational measures is debatable….  

“Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety.”

Natures Plus Liquid Su... Buy New $19.95 ($1.25 / Fl Oz) (as of 04:18 UTC - Details) In fact, by wearing masks you may be delaying others from developing memory antibodies for long-lasting protection against viral infection so our society can return to normal.

Predicted food shortages from fearful employees not showing up for work and closure of restaurants reducing demand for foodstuffs, resulting in tons of food being thrown away, could be more of a threat to human life than the virus.

Modern medicine has issued absurd directives in failed efforts to control spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.  But will the mindless masses ever catch on?

People wearing face masks while walking alone on the sidewalk or while driving an automobile alone have become examples of mindless stupidity.  With no one within a dozen feet,
the ignorant masses wear face masks.

The news media makes it appear face masks are mandatory (by law), but unless some law has been passed in a State legislature, it is only a guideline.

Health authorities now concede that mandated measures to halt the spread of this mutated virus are only to provide peace of mind — face masks are only an anxiety reliever.  Short of mass valium or xanax prescriptions for all, face masks will do.  But just imagine if there is a shortage of face masks?  What will the masses then do?

Disinfection of grocery store carts is also useless.  The CDC issued a belated bulletin the COVID-19 virus is not spread by contact with contaminated surfaces.  Viruses aren’t even alive.  You can’t kill them like you can bacteria.  They only replicate once inside a living cell in your body.

What is required for transmission of the virus from another infected person is very close proximity to facilitate airborne transmission from infected to uninfected lung.  And even then, in healthy people, infection should activate antibodies and memory T-cells to produce long-lasting immunity.  Until this happens, the public is a sitting duck for a virus that often doesn’t produce any symptoms.  Hmmm…

What tips off that modern medicine is pulling the wool over the public’s eyes is that tuberculosis, another lung infection with similar symptoms to COVID-19 coronavirus, is a far greater threat to life, yet modern medicine has never recommended face masks to prevent its spread.  There is a hidden agenda. The Miraculous Results... Bowles, Jeff T Best Price: $4.25 Buy New $6.99 (as of 01:50 UTC - Details)

There are 13 million potential spreaders of TB walking around America with latent (dormant) TB in their lungs that could erupt and infect others should their immune system crash, like after being indoors in a lockdown and deprived of sunshine vitamin D.

TB infects 2 billion people on the planet and kills 1.3 million a year.  And COVID-19 is far less transmissible than measles, smallpox and polio.  By age group, COVID-19 is only considered lethal in 80+ year olds.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 coronavirus independently kills.  It may just be a by-stander virus.

Countries that have a 90+% rate of mask wearing do not report any significant decline in COVID-19-related deaths.

The public health department goons are everywhere, closing down American businesses to the point of ruination.  Restaurants are where Americans spend birthdays, anniversaries and holidays enjoying American life.  It is no wonder anxiety may develop over time.

It appears any public health directive short of asking the American public to stick their head in the toilet will be complied with.