There Goes The National Football League

The NFL is now a commercial enterprise that has forgotten it has customers — aka fans.

They are largely male.   And they want to be entertained.
They live vicariously through the lives of their favorite players.

They are elated when their team wins and forever depressed when their team loses.
They live and breathe football 24/hours a day, in and off season.

The biggest sponsor of NFL football is the U.S. Army, Marines & Air Force.
The flyovers by military aircraft are part of the show.
The U.S. military stands for patriotism, bravery, discipline, strength.
The pledge of allegiance to the flag before the game
is probably the only opportunity for American adults to make that pledge.
Now the only country that stood up for “liberty and justice for all,” in its Constitution,
that elected a black President,
and lost hundreds of thousands of live in the Civil War to abolish slavery,
is being pilloried in the world court of public opinion.

Now football has become a political statement.
It is not about the fans.
And it has no regard for its sponsors.

Now all fans will have to buy into whatever political statement some black players have thrust upon everyone else.
It is about them and their world view, not the fans and what they bought tickets to see.
Now how can America say no to the demand from some blacks for reparations for past slavery?
$14 trillion of reparations is what is being talked about.  Or else American cities will be burnt to the ground.
Well now, come to think of it, what does America owe American Indians?
Reparations speak against the American way — free enterprise and achievement, not give aways.

There is a place for Colin Kaepernick to make his political statements elsewhere.

The day opera singers and movie actors forget they are there to solely perform for their fans
who pay dearly to see and hear them, then their careers are over as well.
Take a knee in the middle of singing in the La Traviata opera and see where it gets you.

The very playing field of football is where blacks, browns and whites forget about skin color
and throw their bodies against the other team and risk injury to win.
A black guys slams a white guy to the ground and the crowd roars.  And vice versa.

American football is the very playing field of America where all can achieve equally.
It is the very example of what America is all about.
Not equal success but equal opportunity.

The NFL has been a showcase for blacks.
White Americans endear their favorite players regardless of skin color.
Think Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns.

No black guy is cut any slack on the football field.
He has to perform.  He has to make that open-field tackle, or he is off the team.
But now there is talk of giving blacks a break in school grades.  Racial favoritism?  Reverse prejudice?

Police brutality exists.  There is now evidence of that thanks to cell phone cameras.
There is also justice.
A cop who maims or kills a man or woman of any skin color
without sufficient cause will be held legally accountable.
That is not good enough any longer.
Now what one cop did indicts all Americans as racist.

Now, with no respect for the law in any city, we have mayhem, no rule of law, and even encouraged lawlessness.
And television spreading this flame to other cities.
All government can do is enforce the law once it is broken.
The penalty flag will be thrown and the penalty walked off.
You can’t call a penalty before there is an infraction.  Not on the field or off.
Now the penalty flag is being thrown with a match and a brick.

Ironically, Mr. Kaepernick’s $150 Nike tennis shoes are being looted from Nike stores.
The wrong match has been lit by Mr. Kaepernick.

Once you start counting how many blacks keep getting killed by cops and conclude
the only road to justice is to burn down America, you go down a destructive road.
How many white people are murdered by blacks?
Look, we don’t want to go down this road, do we?
You’ll end up with certain race wars.

Good luck, Mr. Goodell.
When you lose your primary sponsor, you will need all the luck you can find.
Good luck Mr. Goodell when your fans, who have little money to buy $150 tickets to games now,
are not sitting in your empty stadiums any longer.
Maybe the NFL will be like South Korean baseball
where cardboard fans were placed in the stands
to make it appear there were people watching the game,
and cheerleaders acting as if the fans were there when they weren’t.
Hey, TV producers can just dub in the roar of the crowd, right?

And your primary source of money— isn’t that TV contracts?
Americans have to have $$ to buy cars, beer, and life insurance.
So when the ad money dries up, then what Mr. Goodell and Mr. Kaepernick?
An afro-American with an afro haircut is the icon for the NFL and has become
the de facto marketing director for the NFL.
All decisions will now have to go through Mr. Kaepernick.
Good luck Mr. Goodell.

Free markets still exist.  Fans still have choices.
Things will not return to normal after this.
40 million Americans don’t have jobs.
With no fans in the seats, and no sponsors to pay,
Just how do you plan to proceed?
Keep listening to Mr. Kaepernick.
You say you are sorry you didn’t listen to him earlier.
Well now you are getting an ear full.
From your broke ex-fans who can’t afford to buy tickets any longer.

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