Are We Headed into Year Zero?

In TV’s The Man in the High Castle, which presents an alternative 1963 America occupied by victorious Axis powers, Nicole Dormer, the Lebensborn siren dispatched to Nazi America to shoot propaganda films à la Leni Riefenstahl, announces to minister of propaganda Billy Turner the project name for Goebbels’s latest idea:

Nicole: Jahr Null.  Year Zero.  An experiment.  A reset.  A new America.

Billy: What’s the angle?

N:      Deprive people of their national consciousness.  Dilute their national pride.  Do not teach their history.

B.:     So the Reichsfuhrer wants to erase American history.

N.:     They don’t have that much of it anyway. The Man in the High Ca... Dick, Philip K. Best Price: $5.11 Buy New $8.49 (as of 03:54 UTC - Details)

B.      When do we start?

It’s just a TV show.  But then you change the channel and see the news.  Back in our world, Year Zero’s been in progress for decades.

Describing the fallout from Stanford University’s decision 30 years ago to banish Western civ, Stanley Kurtz has produced an in-depth report outlining how the goal of “[a]cademic history as currently written and taught … is to undermine the public’s sense of national or civilizational identity. With nothing left to kill or die for, the world will presumably ‘live as one.'”

David Randall at RealClearEducation remarks on the report’s stark conclusions that abandoning the study of Western civilization “was the erasure of a body of knowledge that constituted the American identity.  To remove Western Civ was a body-blow against America’s civilizational memory — brain damage deliberately inflicted[.] … This brain damage makes it possible for Americans to be molded by woke tyranny’s euphemisms of social justice, multiculturalism, and global citizenship.”

For reasons we’ve hardly had a chance to sort out yet, the murder of George Floyd by a police officer turned America’s steep downhill skid toward national amnesia into a precipitous free fall.  “The speed with which protests over the murder of George Floyd morphed into a war on the past has been staggering,” observes Brendan O’Neill at sp!ked.  The BLM/Antifa Cultural Revolution he describes in the U.K. sounds not at all different from ours:

Statues are being tumbled, past art erased, people cancelled.  Wide-eyed Woke Guards, heirs to Maoist-style intolerance, are compiling lists of monuments to target and individuals to humiliate.  They are remorseless.  Nothing old that runs counter to their newthink can be tolerated.  Tear it all down.

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Whether it’s Maoist, Stalinist, or fascist, there’s no real difference in tactics if the prize is totalitarian control.  German economics professor Antony Mueller compared the ideologies and shows that Antifa “call themselves ‘anti-fascist’, when, in fact, more than any other ideology, fascism characterizes their own movement.”  Both the communists and the Nazis wanted a socialized society, both were atheist, both anti-capitalist, and both justified violence.  Both are anti-Semitic, and so are Antifa and BLM.  In Philadelphia and Los Angeles, they vandalized synagogues and Jewish-owned business.  In LA, “[a] statue of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis, was smeared with anti-Semitic slogans.”

But it was a Nazi idea to reorder the entirety of law and society on a foundation of crackpot racial theories, weaponizing the law to no longer “apply long-held principles of fairness and justice, but to root out the enemies of the state and to express the true racial feeling of the people.”

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