True Breeze Takes a Knee

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HOST: It is our pleasure to have as our guest today True Breeze, one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. True found himself in the eye of the storm regarding the kneeling controversy, but he’s changed his mind and wants to go on record stating that he himself will be taking a knee come his first game of the season. True, what made you change your mind?

BREEZE: Well, I had initially thought that kneeling was being disrespectful to our country, especially to those who gave their lives to keep our country free. But a number of players who kneel say they have family in the armed forces and respect them very much for their service to our country. Kneeling wasn’t being done to disrespect our country but to bring attention to the problems in our country.

HOST: So are you kneeling to show your solidarity with Black Lives Matter? Rage: A Step-by-Step G... Potter-Efron MSW PhD,... Best Price: $7.28 Buy New $7.56 (as of 03:42 UTC - Details)

BREEZE: Actually I’m not. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that black lives matter. It’s just that I have a problem with BLM’s agenda.

HOST: Their agenda. And just what might that agenda be?

BREEZE: The agenda is that the only black lives that matter are the ones that promote victimism. And some of the people they hold up as martyrs—most notably Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown—justifiably got what they had coming to them.

HOST: Okay, so what do you mean by victimism?

BREEZE: I’ll give you an example. After that video surfaced of Ahmaud Arbery being shot, LeBron James tweeted, “We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog, man!”

HOST: Yeah, I read that tweet.

BREEZE: Now do any of these names ring a bell—Christopher Lane, Nathan Trapuzzano, Dave Stevens, Karina Vetrano, Wendy Martinez?

HOST: I’m afraid I don’t recognize any of them.

BREEZE: They’re all white people killed by black people while they were out jogging. Nathan and Christopher were shot. Karina was raped and strangled. Wendy was stabbed in the neck and bled to death. Dave was hacked to death with a machete.

HOST: That’s awful!

BREEZE: More than twice as many white people are killed by black people every year than black people killed by white people, and the black population is only a fraction of the white population. Some guy analyzed the numbers and found that white people are being murdered at eight times the rate they should be by black people. You’ve seen black demonstrators waving placards around that say, “Stop Killing Us!”? Well, if anyone has a right to be waving that placard around, it’s white people. So anyway, the chances of a white person being killed by a black person while jogging are much, much, much greater than the other way around. But if you mix equal parts of ignorance and emotionalism and stir them up in LeBron’s little brain, you get this false narrative, this alternate reality in which black people can’t set foot outside their home without being killed by white people. That’s what I mean by victimism. Killer High: A History... Andreas, Peter Best Price: $19.48 Buy New $19.49 (as of 05:30 UTC - Details)

HOST: I see.

BREEZE: And another thing. When Christopher, Nathan, Dave, Karina, and Wendy were killed, no white celebrity spouted off in a tweet the way LeBron did. No one said anything about not being able to go out for a jog without getting killed by a black person. It would have been considered racist. But LeBron’s allowed to get away with that without being called out on it.

HOST: Sounds like you just did call him out on it. Okay, so you’re critical of BLM and think they have a victimist agenda. You don’t see Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as victims. You mentioned Ahmaud Arbery. And on the heels of that incident, we saw the death in custody of George Floyd. How do you feel about them?

BREEZE: Arbery was the victim of a very misguided and illegal attempt at a citizen’s arrest. But I honestly believe he’d still be alive if he hadn’t tried to rush a man who was holding a shotgun. And George Floyd—that video was one of the most gut-wrenching things I’ve ever seen. Poor guy was definitely a victim of police brutality.

HOST: So are you kneeling for George Floyd and others like him who are undisputably victims of police brutality?

BREEZE: Well, I really don’t need to kneel for them because they’re already getting more than enough attention.

HOST: Okay, so just exactly who are you kneeling for?

Breeze unzips his jacket to reveal a T-shirt with a message that reads I KNEEL FOR THE ONE-THIRD. 

HOST: I kneel for the one-third. Okay, so who are the one-third?

BREEZE: They’re one-third of the total murder victims in our country every year. In one recent year, we had a little over fifteen thousand murders, and a third of fifteen thousand is five thousand.

HOST: Okay, but what is so special about one-third of those murders? Aren’t all murders tragedies?

BREEZE: All murders certainly are tragedies, and unfortunately we’re always going to have some murders taking place. But the thing is, one-third of the murders taking place shouldn’t be happening. So I’m kneeling for those who shouldn’t have been murdered.

HOST: Shouldn’t have been murdered? You’ve lost me. How did you come up with the one-third figure for murders that shouldn’t be happening? Fentanyl, Inc.: How Ro... Westhoff, Ben Buy New $13.50 (as of 05:32 UTC - Details)

BREEZE: Black people make up thirteen percent of the population but commit about forty-seven percent of the murders. Forty-seven percent minus thirteen percent is thirty-four percent. And thirty-four percent is just a tad over one-third. We would expect a group making up thirteen percent of the population to commit thirteen percent of the murders. But when that group goes overboard and commits thirty-four percent of murders on top of the thirteen percent they’ve already committed, well, that thirty-four percent just shouldn’t be happening.

HOST: So you’re saying that a whole one-third of the total murders happening in our country are all committed by black people after they’ve already committed thirteen percent of the murders?

BREEZE: That’s exactly right. And get this—eighty-eight percent of that one-third are black. And eighty-eight percent of five thousand is forty-four hundred. But we’ll just make that an even four thousand to be conservative and keep things simple.

HOST: So out of the one-third of murders that shouldn’t be happening, about four thousand victims are black?

BREEZE: That’s right. Now here’s something to think about. Suppose black people were committing only thirteen percent of the murders, like they should be, and someone else was committing that thirty-four percent of extra murders. Let’s say the culprits were some kind of stealthy boogeymen right out of the X-Files, flitting around the country and murdering people, most of those murders taking place in the inner cities. Four thousand black victims, several hundred white victims. Would anyone in their right mind be talking about defunding the police? They’d be screaming for more police. Especially black politicians and activists. They’d be whining that not enough was being done to keep their communities safe.

HOST: You seem to be implying that black people are their own boogeymen but don’t even know it.

BREEZE: They don’t have a clue. You have all this to-do about black people having “the talk” with their kids so they don’t get killed by the police. Yet the chance of a black person being unjustifiably killed by the police is but a tiny fraction of the chance of their being one of the four thousand dead that shouldn’t be dead. So why isn’t anyone having a talk about that? Why don’t those four thousand black lives matter?

HOST: You tell me.

BREEZE: The four thousand dead don’t matter because they don’t fit the narrative of black victimism. The four thousand dead mean that black Americans have to acknowledge that they are indeed their own boogeymen and come to grips with problems of their own making.

HOST: So how do they make their own problems? Pills, Powder, and Smo... Loewenstein, Antony Best Price: $3.59 Buy New $13.99 (as of 05:36 UTC - Details)

BREEZE: One statistic that I came across in my reading is that underage black girls have babies at several times the rate for underage white girls and that they also have abortions at several times the rate for underage white girls. That speaks volumes about the culture in which that occurs. Why aren’t those girls being taught that letting some stupid boy get into their pants and get them into trouble is one of the worst mistakes a girl can make? And why aren’t boys and young men being taught not to go around impregnating those girls? This shows a lack of discipline and a lack of impulse control. This is how future criminals are literally bred into existence. Another statistic deals with unmarried women having babies. The rate is about twice as high for black women as compared with white women.

The circumstances under which girls and women have babies have a lot to do with poverty. Let’s say you’ve got an economically depressed area with too many people and not enough jobs to go around for those who need to be working. And then you’ve got underage girls having babies and unmarried women who can’t afford a baby having babies. You’re just creating even more people who won’t be able to find work, therefore increasing the poverty. And then we’re told that black people accumulate less wealth than white people. Well, let’s say that over here you’ve got a household consisting of a very young single working mother and her unplanned baby—she and her partner weren’t using protection—and she’s not getting any support from the baby daddy. And over here you’ve got a household consisting of a mature, young working couple with a baby they planned on having together. Which household is more likely to accumulate wealth?

HOST: I see your point. But the mainstream media always attribute black poverty and the attendant criminality to slavery, Jim Crow, and redlining.

BREEZE: The mainstream media pander to victimism like trained seals. Slavery, Jim Crow, and redlining are all water under the bridge long ago. The statistics I just cited about birthrates and abortion are relevant right now, a fifth of the way through the twenty-first century. That’s the real reason for black poverty and criminality, and only black people can change that by changing their behavior. All the millions of dollars donated through BLM is just money down the rat hole if there’s not going to be any fundamental change in behavior.

HOST: Okay, let’s wrap this up with a final statement about why you’re kneeling for the one-third.

BREEZE: What we’re going through right now is the con job of the century. Apologists for a little group that unleashes a horrific epidemic of murder on our country year in and year out has suckered us into believing that they are some kind of oppressed victims and that white people—who are being murdered at eight times the rate they should be by black people—are the oppressors. A group making up only thirteen percent of the population accounts for about forty percent of cop killings and can’t figure out why they are disproportionately killed by the police. A terrible incident such as the death in custody of George Floyd—which has to be understood in the context of some ten million arrests made each year—is blown way out of proportion as if it is routine occurrence, while the routine slaughter of the one-third goes unquestioned. I kneel to highlight the existence of the one third. I kneel to make people think about why we have a one-third. And when I kneel for the one-third, I’m kneeling for a hell of a lot more black lives than the other kneelers.

HOST: Thank you for joining us today.

BREEZE: Thanks for having me on the program.