The Mightiest Country In The History Of The World Ready To Take A Big Fall?

The mightiest country in the world falling to a competitor?  Unimaginable.  Nobody has as many aircraft carriers as America does.  Nobody has more gold than the U.S.  Nah, impossible.

The land of the free, the home of the brave.

The stars and stripes forever.

The country that people around the world want to emigrate to.

The country that has a “manifest destiny.”

The country that brags it has the most advanced healthcare system, and the largest economy – – –  $20+ trillion GDP;

That spends an unrivaled $718 billion a year on military might. Greenback: The Almight... Goodwin, Jason Best Price: $1.50 Buy New $9.90 (as of 04:19 UTC - Details)

With a navy that the rules the world’s seas and is comprised of nine strike carrier groups.

That leads the world with over 8000 tons of gold.

The land with a rich and envious heritage of liberty, capitalism and free enterprise…. is about to fall to a competitor, so says a British-based economist.

Great upsets

Remember the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  Fuji Film of Japan won the bid to advertise on the Olympic blimp with a quick-bid of $5 million.  It was called one of the greatest advertising upsets in the world.  Kodak, which dominated the film market with 85% market share, lost out to Fuji Film.  Now another upset of gargantuan proportion is about to rock the world.  The COVID-19 epidemic is just a cover for this financial collapse.

The U.S. with its now revealed false economy, fueled on the fumes of debt for the past two decades, withholding from its citizens that it can no longer meet its obligations to provide healthcare via Medicare, and cannot deliver on its promises to pay pensions through the Social Security Trust Fund, and has been fibbing about its largesse and GDP for decades, is just months away from teetering into oblivion.  Could this be?

The last President?

Who is going to be at the helm of the U.S. when it falls to a competitor?  Romulus Augustulus was the last emperor to rule the Roman empire that fell in 476 A.D.  The American news media, its national security agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA), Black Lives Matter (covertly funded by U.S. companies), and its former President, are all conspiring to bring down President Donald Trump and take the country with them in a coup of the greatest proportion.

Beware the ides of March (23)

According to economist Alasdair Macleod ( a sudden shift in dollar-denominated financial markets occurred on or about the 23rd of March of 2020.

Macleod now says an imminent banking crisis is a near certainty.  Forget about Black Lives Matter toppling statues of ex-Presidents.  If we heed the warnings of Mr. Macleod, the U.S. dollar could fail completely by the end of this year. 2020 1 oz Gold Buffalo... Check Amazon for Pricing.

“Against that possibility a reset might be implemented, perhaps by reintroducing the greenback, which is not the same as the Fed’s dollar,” instructs Macleod.

I’ll let Macleod do the rest of the talking:

“What if the response to the current economic crisis is a more rapid depreciation of currencies? And what happens if they (all currencies) die altogether?”  He’s talking about fiat currencies, not backed by any tangible assets.

Macleod:  “History gives us a guide, not through extrapolation, but by telling us that every recorded currency collapse has occurred to fiat currencies unbacked by gold or silver. So, we know it will happen — eventually.”

Macleod says Americans face a “prolonged period of falling purchasing power, followed by a sudden collapse when a currency’s users finally reject it. In terms of time, the latter phase usually lasts approximately six months.”  Sounds like Mussolini’s Italy when wheelbarrows of Italian lira were burned in fireplaces.

Remember when actor Jimmy Stewart in the movie “It’s a wonderful life,” said in the midst of a run on his bank: “Just remember this thing isn’t as black as it appears.” Well, it’s a little blacker this time.

Macleod: “The paper money scheme is about to crumble.  It seems hardly possible that the US banking system will survive the current supply chain disruption without help… Presumably, failing banks will be taken into public ownership with the Fed backstopping it with yet more inflationary finance.”  The federalization of airlines, internet companies, utilities, food purveyors.

Dollar withers as foreigners own our debt

Macleod again: “The dollar is the most exposed of all currencies to the latter risk: on last known figures foreigners owned about $25 trillion in securities, short-term paper and bank deposits…This is important, because there are two market factors that have always led to a fiat currency collapse. The first is selling (at a discount) by foreigners, which appears to have commenced…. If the Fed is to successfully fund the growing budget deficit it must absorb foreign sales of US Treasuries as well as maintain sufficient levels of QE (quantitative easing) to fund a rapidly increasing budget deficit.”

Juggling act by the Federal Reserve

By then Macleod says: “It will then become obvious to everyone that the Fed is sacrificing the dollar in order to fund the government, keep the banking system going and to support the economy by attempting to provide the liquidity (cash money) to defray supply chain failures.” The Big Reset: War on ... Willem Middelkoop Best Price: $2.05 Buy New $15.98 (as of 08:20 UTC - Details)

Phase 2: no confidence in paper money

“Then it will enter the second phase of its collapse, driven by US residents realizing the dollar is losing purchasing power, rather than rising prices (inflation)….If they collectively reject the money in favor of goods, then money’s purchasing power declines, potentially to zero,” he says.

Then with more urgency Macleod notes: “There are three factors that could shorten this timescale even further: the replacement of cash and cheques by digital payments, modern communications leading to the rapid spread of information, and as a consequence of the development of cryptocurrencies, wider public foreknowledge of the weaknesses of unbacked fiat currencies.”

The irony of it all

All this while Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, former candidates for President, beat the drum for more government giveaways, Medicare For All, etc.


At this point Macleod says:  “It is possible the US Treasury might attempt a reset, perhaps using Treasury dollars, otherwise known as greenbacks.”

U.S. money is distributed from the independent Federal Reserve banking system as Federal Reserve Notes.  Greenbacks were last issued in 1971 directly from the U.S. Treasury Department, not The Federal Reserve Bank.  This newly issued money may be exchanged for old Federal Reserve Notes at maybe 70-cents on the dollar, a 30% devaluation (just guessing).

Macleod: “A reset abandoning the Fed’s dollar in favor of greenbacks is possible. But history has shown that the introduction of a replacement currency for one that has collapsed fails unless government financing by monetary expansion is demonstrably abandoned.”  Good luck banking on that.

Macleod says America could reintroduce gold convertibility for the greenbacks. The US Treasury says it still has over 8,000 tons of gold.

(Psst… the U.S. has a lot more hidden gold than that.  Read about Grand Canyon Gold – – billions of ounces of gold discovered in the Grand Canyon in 1912.  For reference, 1 billion ounces of gold = 35,273.96 metric tons.)  Remember, greater supply diminishes the value of gold.  Maybe that is why it remains hidden. 32 Players Fourth/4th ... Buy New $11.99 (as of 04:19 UTC - Details)

Abandonment of the welfare state

Macleod: “This would probably be a last resort. It… involves the abandonment of the welfare state and America’s longstanding geopolitical aims (worldwide domination), and it allows China to gain potential advantage by displacing the dollar with a more convincing gold convertibility of its own.  China holding some $20,000 tons of gold has deliberately cornered the gold bullion market.” China is now the largest gold mining nation by far!

What keeps the U.S. from having a gold-back currency?

America knows this and resists gold having a monetary role for fear it would place China at the top of the world currency-wise.  If America adopts a gold standard then that allows a gold-backed yuan (China’s currency) to become a currency of choice for countries all over the globe.

Macleod:  “For the moment, central banks are throwing money at the problem… a banking crisis in the coming weeks is an increasingly likely event, given the scale of disruption to supply chains.”


We can be certain central bankers and government treasury departments are only now grasping the enormity of these problems, but they are still behaving as if chucking money at them is a viable solution. They will only destroy their unbacked fiat currencies, and that destruction, starting with the dollar, is already in progress.


Macleod says, “at some stage, hopefully sooner rather than later, metallic money will regain circulation.” The Death of Money: Th... James Rickards Best Price: $0.25 Buy New $3.50 (as of 10:20 UTC - Details)

Trillions to dust

Then all the fiat money schemes come crashing down.  Macleod:

“Gone will be worldwide fiat currency debt, amounting to some $250—$300 trillion. Gone will be all OTC derivatives which settle in fiat, amounting to a further $560 trillion. Gone will be listed derivatives, a further $33 trillion. Gone will be options, a further $65 trillion. All these, totaling over $900 trillion, are only part of the destruction. Global deposits held as bank balances totaling $60 trillion will evaporate.”

Macleod steps back from his prognostications: “None of this is expected. It may not happen, but the chances of it happening appear to have increased significantly from 23 March.”

You can take it from here.  Brace yourselves.  America is in real trouble.  The news media, government and bankers have been hiding this crisis far too long.