How Much It’ll Cost Them

Mask wearing is going to get expensive – for the businesses that insist, if we refuse.

I wrote about my decision to cancel my gym membership of more than 15 years’ standing if my gym says I must wear a mask in order to be allowed in the gym. Over the past 15 years, I have paid more than $5,000 in membership fees, not including the additional fees in the same amount paid by my ex-wife over about the same time period. I obviously like this gym – Crunch Fitness in Roanoke – and planned to work out there for another 15 years, at least.

Which would be at least another $5,000 for the gym, just from me. But if the Mask Mandate comes, my cash will go. I won’t pay to play Sickness Kabuki for the sake of Sickness Psychotics who need therapy much more than a workout.

Gorilla Bow Portable H... Buy New $199.75 (as of 02:43 UTC - Details) Several of my gym friends agree with this decision and will also cancel their memberships. This will get into real money – maybe enough money to make a difference. Enough financial pressure to make the gym’s owners rethink their Mask Mandate.

This is power – the not-evil kind.

It is the power of voluntary free exchange. Of mutual consent.

The gym, like any business, has the right to establish its terms and conditions. But customers have a right to withhold their business when those terms and conditions are unacceptable to them.

Being told one must wear a surgical mask – while working out – is as preposterous as it is pathological. Probably someone is more likely to die from respiratory distress caused by a mask – which isn’t designed to facilitate the deep and heavy breathing that comes with working out – than might get sick because someone wasn’t wearing a mask.

In any event, the gym can require. But we don’t have to pay.

Vive Foam Roller - 12 ... Buy New $14.99 (as of 03:21 UTC - Details) This power is tremendous and it is time to use it, if you do not like the idea of being made to play Sickness Kabuki by businesses who’ve either bought into Sickness Psychosis or are just playing along for the sake of their own Babbittry. Many businesses in America are like that now. Their product or service is secondary to their insipid virtue-signaling. Which they seem to think matters more than the products or services they offer.

And may, to some.

Not to me, though. And perhaps not to you.

I pay a gym membership to get a workout; not to be schooled. I go there to relieve tension, not aggravate it.

I won’t pay to be aggravated.

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