Current State of Emergency in California

California Citizen Finds There Is No Epidemic Level COVID-19 Death Parade In California And All Lockdown Actions Taken By The Governor Are Outside The Law

Health educator Peggy Hall (YouTube posted on May 6, 2020, 15:50 minutes) is an Orange County resident who decided to investigate the numbers involved in the COVID-19 epidemic in California by calling the State Department of Health and the local Orange County Department of Public Health, who have authority over matters of health in her locale.

Hall explains that health issues like a flu or coronavirus outbreak must meet certain criteria to legally justify a lockdown and quarantine to be called.  Here is what Peggy Hall found during her investigation.

Under federal law under US Code Title 42 issues of public health are delegated to the most local agency, in this instance the Orange County Department of Public Health that oversees a county of 3.3 million people.  Their charter is to safeguard the public health.  They have the legal jurisdiction to issue public health warnings. JUST IMAGINE...: A SEC... Holmes, Dr Joel S Buy New $7.95 (as of 11:28 UTC - Details)

Hall cites the California Emergency Services Act 2015 section 8558b that defines and confines a “state of emergency” in California, as defined as a “disaster of extreme peril,” that includes a number of catastrophes that includes epidemic, which, “by reason of their magnitude, are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of any single county, city and county, or city and require the combined forces of a mutual aid region or regions to combat.”

OK, one of the legal grounds to call a public health emergency is an epidemic.  What is an epidemic?  Any disease outbreak beyond the “normal range.”


As Hall explains, the flu season runs from October to May.  California has a population of 40 million people.  In a typical flu season there are ~6000 flu-related deaths (6917 flu deaths in 2018) in California according to the State Department of Health.

This year there have been 88 COVID-19-related deaths and an additional 600 flu-related deaths in Orange County.  “Therefore, in California COVID-19 is not an epidemic,” says Hall.  (Hall shows 38 COVID-19 related deaths on a placard she holds up on screen, but that was May 6 and

COVID-19 related deaths have risen to 88 by May 20, 2020). These are underwhelming numbers. Above the Law: The Ins... Whitaker, Matthew Buy New $26.09 (as of 05:57 UTC - Details)


From the standpoint of morbidity, as I write on May 20, 2020, the total number of COVID-19 coronavirus cases in Orange County cumulatively number 4,500 (out of 3.2 million, that is a risk for infection of 0.0014 or 1.4 people in 1000).  So, 1.4 people among 1000 in Orange County got a cold virus and most recovered, and many never experienced any symptoms.  If you worked in a university or company with 1000 students or workers, less than 2 would have come down with a COVID-19 related coronavirus infection that produced symptoms.  There may be many, many other undiagnosed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infections that were undiagnosed and which produced such mild of no symptoms to cause individuals to see a doctor.

The number of COVID-19 related deaths in Orange County, cumulatively 88 on May 20,out of a population of 3.2 million that represents a death rate of 0.000027 which is 2.7 deaths per 100,000).

COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS CAUSING  A SHORTAGE OF BEDS QUESTIONED (primary reason given for a lockdown)

There are ~5376 hospital beds in Orange County and the number of beds filled by COVID-19 coronavirus patients during this flu season runs about 200-250 on any given day with about a third of those in intensive care unit beds.  The number of ICU beds in Orange County is 673.  So, there has been no bed shortage during this flu season.

In Orange County, and there have been 600 flu-related deaths and 88 COVID-19 related deaths.

The total number of flu-related deaths + COVID-19 related deaths in Orange County this flu season is ~600 for the flu and 88 deaths for COVID-19 = 688 total deaths. The Stakes: The 2020 E... Anton, Michael Buy New $28.99 (as of 03:16 UTC - Details)

What do these numbers mean? 

This means this is not a state or local crisis that is overwhelming public health agencies.

According to California law any health emergency requiring a lockdown or quarantine must be terminated at the earliest date.  The lockdown and quarantine should have been cancelled long ago.

There never was justification for restrictions such as social distancing, closure of beaches and demands to wear masks.

The governor has no legal standing to extend the state of emergency.  It is illegal and unlawful.  That authority belongs to the State Legislature.  Peggy Hall suggests every American contact their local public health agencies to find out if there was just causes to call for a lockdown and to protest with local state and county authorities to demand the lockdown be halted.

The Governor of The State of California called a state emergency on March 4.  The State of Emergency says the emergency must be terminated at the earliest possible date.  Only the State legislature can extend the emergency in California.  By law the state of emergency terminates in 60 days.  The governor of California has extended the lockdown for another 90 days.

Peggy Hall is doing what the news media should be doing in California.  As FOXNEWS reporter Tucker Carlson reports, Big Tech censors online dissent over coronavirus lockdowns.  When you have a dominant political party in California and a complicit news media, politicians know they have license to do what they please.