The Government Invites A Black Market For Covid Tainted Blood

How much would you pay to resume normal life? $100? $1,000? $10,000? Maybe more?

What if paying was the only way to avoid returning your life to normal without giving the surveillance state a sample of your blood? They assure you they would never store the sample, would never study, would never catalogue, would never use it against you, or engage in any other nefarious behavior with this sample.

Government has begun debating widespread blood testing to get society up and running again.

If your blood wasn’t tainted by SARS-CoV-2, you don’t get to live a normal life again. If your blood was tainted by SARS-CoV-2, you can have permission to go back to living life under the new normal.

I wonder how many barely-scraping-by phlebotomists would take a few bucks to taint your blood sample with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. How Innovation Works: ... Ridley, Matt Buy New $29.99 (as of 04:13 UTC - Details)

It’s a non-zero number.

How many others in the health system would do the same? Fraud is believed by some to represent anywhere between 3 and 10% of total healthcare expenditure in the United States. Certainly healthcare professionals are not beyond bending the laws to make a few dollars. It is sad to see such incentives built into a system. Such poorly designed incentives are common to see under socialized systems. They pervert the natural and voluntary alignment of incentives that free markets so easily encourage.

In communist Czechoslovakia, you could find all manner of illegal goods that came into your possession outside of the official economy.

Police officers were often on the take. Border officials. Government officials. Anyone who had a chance to make a few extra bucks subverting the rules probably considered doing so. Countless stories exist around how people would capture a little extra value for themselves: from a stock boy never putting out the most in-demand products and bartering them for other goods and services, to physicians and school principals scowling unhelpfully and responding curtly until a bottle of hard alcohol was presented to ease the tension.

In the era post-communism, in former Czechoslovakia, many people repeatedly shared a bit of folk morality on the topic of property rights under a totalitarian regime: “He who does not steal from the government, steals from his family.”

As a testament to this appreciation for the effectiveness of black markets to provide for human wants, is the vast drug problem in American prisons today, which should, in theory, be impossible to smuggle contraband into or out of. Some in prison have pointed out that “Drugs are easier to get than soap.” Michael Jones curiously overdosed in 2016 on death row in a single-cell in California’s San Quentin State Prison. He died, despite, according the Los Angeles Times, being one of hundreds who spend “most of their time locked down, isolated from the rest of the prison system under heavy guard with regular strip searches and checks every half-hour for signs of life.” Another 1,000 overdosed in California prisons in 2018.

Forever the enemy to logic and reality, governments are telling the American populace to get ready for mandatory blood testing.

No matter how mandatory, a percentage of the populace will comply, and a percentage will not.

In classic government over-reaction, in March 2020, Covid tainted blood was a liability for a person. Death was around the corner. Stay on house arrest to avoid it. By May 2020, Covid tainted blood is suddenly an asset.

How much would you sell a few vials of your Covid tainted blood for? $100? $1,000? $10,000? Cbrn: Surviving Chemic... Millennium, Cris Best Price: $46.65 Buy New $35.00 (as of 04:39 UTC - Details)

Once a few of your friends hear about the success of your cottage industry, I bet they will consider themselves unfortunate for not having gone around hugging Covid sufferers throughout the spring of 2020.

In repressive society after repressive society throughout history the sovereign individuals — the creatively disobedient, the individual who insists he’ll live free, the attentive dissident — they have found ways around oppression. The marketplace has been their constant ally, as they devise the latest parry to deflect the attempts to push them into obedient submission.

That is the reality of human existence on this planet. It makes no sense to construct yet another government edict so out of touch with reality.

Rather than try to outdo the illogical and ineffective tyranny of China or the USSR, America is best served by leaning into the American experiment of seeing how free an individual can live in a society. This is the competitive advantage of the United States, and the only approach that will stop it from splintering apart as its disconnected leaders demonstrate that force is more valuable to them than reason.

What we learned in spring 2020, yet again, is that government should never be trusted in times of crisis. Government must never be misled to think that they are effective in such moments. Granting those powers in calm times, encourages that misleading thinking in crisis times. Contrary to what is needed, abusing power and mismanaging crises is what government does.

They are so skilled at this, that crises are even manufactured as a preferable state for government to operate in. I’ve lost count of how many “wars” the US is now in. Individuals who shackle themselves by obediently listening to government at such moments have themselves to blame for their slavery.

Your disobedience opens those shackles.