The Good News Is Still There: Death Rate for COVID Falling in New Study

These are tough times. The mainstream media (MSM—CNN, Fox, and nearly every other news station) is reporting 24/7 about COVID-19. We hear about every death in real time. We get daily updates about how many are infected and how many are dying. Listening to the MSM would have anyone believe that we have a plague on our hands that is not only infecting everyone, it is killing nearly everyone who becomes ill with it.

Folks, this is a perfect example of “Fake News.” COVID-19 is neither infecting everyone nor is it killing the vast majority who get infected.   I have been writing about his since the start of the crisis. The best advice I can give you is to turn off the news. I can’t stomach watching it. I have been treating patients with COVID for the past 6 weeks and finding success in using vitamins (A, C, D) and iodine along with IV dosing of hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C and ozone. Is this a cure for COVID-19? No, I do not claim to have the cure for COVID-19. I am reporting how our patients are doing on the therapies that we are recommending. The ultimate cure for COVID-19 is full herd immunity. That only comes when the majority of us have immunity against the virus. The Miraculous Results... Bowles, Jeff T Best Price: $4.25 Buy New $6.99 (as of 01:50 UTC - Details)

I know there is good news about COVID-19 out there but you won’t see much of that from MSM, as good news does not seem to sell as well as bad news.

Before I go on, let me again state that I understand that COVID-19 is a serious illness. I have had many patients and friends become ill with it. Some have suffered tremendously from it. Thank goodness, none have died. However, there are many who have died from the virus and, unfortunately, until this is over, there are more who will die from it. COVID-19 has hit us fast and hard but we will get past this. Things are already improving as hospitals in COVID-19 hot spots are not as full and now there is little concern that we will run out of respirators for those stricken with it.

Our country is shuttered right now. The economy is a mess as we have millions who have filed for unemployment.

Enough about the bad news.

So what is the good news now?   As I stated above, at my office—The Center for Holistic Medicinewe have seen patient after patient with COVID symptoms improve on our therapies. We have treated over 100 patients and, so far, we have no hospitalizations and no deaths. My partners and I continually share notes and we are all seeing the same positive results. I have written to you about what we are doing numerous times in my blog posts. Vital Nutrients - Resv... Buy New $51.90 ($0.86 / Count) (as of 03:55 UTC - Details)

We have seen some patients respond well to oral therapies including high doses of vitamins A, C, D as well as iodine. Many others, especially those with lung problems, have improved when they started nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and iodine. Others have needed IV dosing of vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide and ozone to overcome COVID-19. I have posted numerous video testimonials detailing our patients’ stories. To watch our patient testimonials, take a look at our playlist on my YouTube Channel: Center for Holistic Medicine COVID Program

Folks, there are treatments that work. We have found that following our protocol has helped over 100 patients to date. It is safe and effective. Conventional medicine is still searching for its silver bullet in the form of a hydroxychloroquine or Remdesivir. I hope those therapies pan out. There is much talk about a vaccine for COVID-19. However, a vaccine probably won’t be available for at least six months to a year. We simply do not have time to wait for that. COVID-19 will not wait for a vaccine. It is here now.

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