Things I Would Think of Doing Today Without Delay

Recognize the past is the past, and today is today, and tomorrow will come tomorrow.

As singer Connie Francis says:  “Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is cash.  Live for today.”

Put the credit cards away for emergencies and stop living on them like they are a pay raise.

While you are attempting to figure out what just happened to America, don’t wait to see what others are doing.  Then it will be too late.

Do the little things and the big things. Bread Baking for Begin... Ohara, Bonnie Best Price: $12.48 Buy New $10.79 (as of 03:00 UTC - Details)

Little things:

Make alliances with farmers so you know where to get food directly; maybe you have something to barter with them.

Learn to take vacations locally; weekend vacations will do.

Learn how to bake bread, and make enough for those in need.

Don’t be a pack rat or a hoarder; but don’t throw everything away; think of stuff you have that would help someone else and give it away.

Gang up on house cleaning.  An extended family can have a team clean a house in no time.  Get the kids involved here.  Share in buying a Rug Doctor machine to clean the carpets.

Stop watching television, the great propaganda machine.  That will reduce anxiety.  The Xanax pills can stay in the drawer.

Bring out the old puzzles, table games, etc.  Invite friends to come and play cards (canasta is good for 4)

Knitting, dog walking is OK, but retired women have much more to offer than that.  Learn how to bring a bowl of soup to others when they are ill, etc. The Tuttle Twins Set of 8 Connor Boyack Buy New $175.00 (as of 03:00 UTC - Details)

The Big Things

Recognize your city or town is not likely going to be able to fund a police force.  Had better arm yourself.  The wife too.

Learn to be your own doctor.  Start with Andrew Saul’s FIRE YOUR DOCTOR, at Amazon.  Go to Mexico for dentistry.   Avoid vaccination at all cost.

Learn about dietary supplements to replace drugs.  The biological action of every Rx drug can be duplicated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal remedies.  Start at

Learn how to buy a used car.  Good ideas at

Forget about worthless diplomas from now bankrupt institutions of learning.  Think of directing your kids to be auto mechanics, farmers, plumbers, something that requires a learned skill, any skill that is in short supply.  Opera singers, actors, guitar players, may be your kids dream, but it is off the list.  Make those avocations.  Auto mechanics are schooled by auto manufacturers and start at $60k/year.  Don’t go into debt for schooling.  All learning today is going to be via a computer monitor.  You can get the best chemistry of physics professor online.  Why go to Stanford?  Women may need to re-orient to be stay-at-home moms and earn some $$ from home.

Think about renting or leasing your home and then move to where the cost of living is much lower and rent a house there.  Get out from under your house payment.  On a supply-and-demand basis, your home is worth next to nothing today.  Trying to sell it will be an ordeal; the real estate agent will press you to drop the price.  That will be agony.  Rent it out.  Unless you own your home outright, don’t think it is your home; it is the lender’s home.  You will pay 3 times more than you bought it for if you pay on it for 30 years + cost of home maintenance & insurance.  Not likely home values will rise for a long time now.  Most people move within 7.5 years of buying a home; 1st 15-years of a home mortgage mostly goes toward paying interest, so you don’t start gaining equity till the 2nd 15 years of the mortgage.  You’ve probably never thought about this. USA Shaped Puzzle Road... Buy New $19.99 (as of 03:01 UTC - Details)

Savings are a losing proposition.  Inflation is 6% and rising.  Interest on banked money is less than 1%.  Think about investing in yourself.  Stocks and bonds are simply gambling.  The bank uses your money as collateral and reserves and makes a killing off your money.  If you have a pile of US minted silver and gold coins, you can leave an inheritance to your children without an inheritance tax.  Contact me and I will reveal to you the best place to secret your gold away (if I tell everybody, then everybody will know).

Don’t rely on the pension plan at work to get you through the retirement years.  Most of the retirement funds are flat broke.

Steep yourself in the acquisition of wisdom.  Learn to see opportunity when it comes knocking.  Be adaptable.  Don’t fall for schemes (multilevel sales pitches).  You don’t have to resort to the oldest profession in the world to survive (and the ladies of the night are in a world of hurt now too).  Start learning (good reading assignments for your older kids):

The Destructive Effects of the Coronavirus Relief Package.  -Thorsten Polleit.

Business Owners Understand Why The Economy Can’t Just Be “Reopened”.  – Christopher E. Baecker

Central Banks and the Next Crisis — Daniel La Calle

Is the Main Street Lending Program a Debt Trap? – Robert Aro Fire Your Doctor! How ... Andrew Saul Best Price: $6.40 Buy New $1.99 (as of 11:00 UTC - Details)

BOOKS: Mises Institute

Learn where money comes from, how it is distributed, and the power of lending rather than borrowing.  Read a good book about money.  Go to the MISES INSTITUTE for a book list.

Diploma’d  people, lawyers, doctors, dentists, face a difficult future.

The future is in survival, not prosperity or wealth.

The church has no answers for you; don’t expect it to; the Bible does; go to church to help others, not yourself; not sure you have the right stuff in you to face what is coming?  Read the book: LOVE FOCUSED by Robert & Judy Hughes (this is not an advice book or a book of platitudes).  It teaches you how to build faith muscles.

Article: Adding to our stress: the responsibility trap.

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