5G Does/Doesn't Cause COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease?

ScottiesTech.info provides a visual demonstration of the demographic evidence.

If you haven’t time to watch this, Scottie reveals France has no 5G but does have plenty of COVID-19 cases.

None of us should like the way 5G has been forced on us.  5G doesn’t get a clean bill of health.  But it doesn’t look like it is causing this epidemic or controlling its severity.  Look to see if plant life near 5G installations is being adversely affected by 5G.  That would be an obvious sign of toxicity.

However, as previously explained, there is no data to show that COVID-19 corona virus is causing the symptoms of dry cough, loss of sense of smell, fever, and maybe diarrhea that is now being reported.  There is an association between COVID-19 and these symptoms based upon a marginally valid blood test.  The blood test can establish an association but maybe not a causal relationship.  COVID-19 could just be a passenger virus, as explained by Lawrence Broxmeyer MD. The Miraculous Results... Jeff T Bowles Best Price: $4.97 Buy New $9.99 (as of 01:50 EST - Details)

The age composition of seasonal infectious disease outbreaks helps to indicate whether it is a flu-like bug (virus) or actually tuberculosis, another common lung disease.  Where there are migrants, usually of a younger age (18-44), and children are somewhat immune in a population, demographers say this points to TB.

If the disease is among the very old and very, very young, that points to viral disease.

Hot spots for infection (Wuhan, Italy, NYC) have a lot of young adult migrants who harbor TB bacteria in their lungs and may experience an eruption of latent TB, which is what is occurring now.  Why we have to sort this out for ourselves as the Centers for Disease Control is not providing this kind of analysis and is narrowly presenting a COVID-19 pandemic with total disregard for the seasonal flu, TB, etc. speaks for the biases and politics involved.

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