What Bloomberg Should Have Said

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From the Tom Woods Letter:

As my listeners know, I am no fan of Mike Bloomberg. His every instinct is bad.

He never thinks, “The solution to this problem is more freedom.”

So when I offer him advice, it isn’t out of love. It’s just an interesting intellectual exercise.

Everyone is talking about his poor debate performance in Las Vegas last night.

For one thing, he spoke the least out of anyone, and didn’t try to elbow his way into the conversation the way his ambitious opponents did.

He had to know he would be attacked for stop and frisk and over allegations regarding the mistreatment of women, yet instead of having quick, politician-style answers to these complaints, he was a deer in the headlights.

His best moment was when he turned to the others and asked if it was safe to say that he was the only person on the stage who had built a business.

Yes, I know the Democrats have moved to the left. But even Hollywood executives are warming to Bloomberg, because they realize that while a Bernie Sanders may rile up the rank and file, he’ll scare off much of middle America, and that while it’s nice to be able to say young people support you, young people — for whatever reason — do not vote.

Bloomberg could have pounded away at this. It’s not a cheap shot to point out the authoritarian communist leaders Bernie has praised, or that in a press conference about his trip to the Soviet Union he sang its praises.

Bloomberg could have said: Is America voting for that? Probably not, but why take a chance?

There are business leaders out there who for the sake of not having their lives ruined will say they’re voting Democrat, Bloomberg might have said, but if our nominee is Bernie Sanders, they will either stay home or actually hold their noses and vote for Trump.

He could have continued: there ought to be one adult on this debate stage with some knowledge of business and the economy, and who understands that making demands through a bullhorn and saying their every wish is a “human right” isn’t serious.

And finally, his appeal might have been: I know there are Democrats out there who have been left behind by the party, who don’t believe business is shameful or responsible for all our ills, and who understand that just piling more and more obligations on business doesn’t come without a cost to all of us.

I likewise know there are Democrats who above all else want to beat Donald Trump. I can deliver that with my common-sense approach. I can guarantee you will not get that with the bullhorn-yellers on this stage.

It would at least have been worth a try.


Bloomberg’s effort to sell himself fell far short.


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