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DNC and National Security State overplay their hand, says Charlie Donovan

If you were tuning into the Democratic Debate Wednesday night, you witnessed first-hand as the DNC installed Mike Bloomberg got annihilated on national television. The supposed knight in shining armor who was supposed to swoop in and save the Democrats from a Bernie Sanders victory proved to be in deep over his head. So it is of course no coincidence at all that no less than forty-eight hours after the Bloomberg debacle and just ahead of the Nevada caucuses, “US officials” informed Bernie Sanders that Russia is trying to help his campaign. This nonsense was published by the New York Times and became breaking news all across the country. Those Russians are at it again! First it was Donald Trump. Then, they moved on to Tulsi Gabbard. Now, they have settled on old socialist Bernie Sanders. If anything, those Russians seem awfully confused as to who they want to occupy the White House for the next four years.

Bernie flubbed his response to the smear. Instead of calling the charges of Russian interference on his behalf the absolute nonsense that it is, he capitulated and ‘told’ Russia to “stay out of American elections, and as president I will make sure that you do.” Bernie did at least say “I don’t care, frankly, who Putin wants to be president.” Nonetheless, by accepting the DNC and National Security State’s made up report of interference on his behalf, Bernie just made their life a little easier.

War with Russia?: From... Cohen, Stephen F. Best Price: $8.99 Buy New $8.50 (as of 02:15 EST - Details) Just yesterday, it was ‘revealed’ that Russia is already interfering in the 2020 election to help get Donald Trump re-elected. Increasingly terrified of actually losing to Trump again, Democrats and the National Security State have now fully hatched their contingency plan. This has been in the works for some time, mind you. Remember that during his testimony, Robert Mueller told Congress that Russian interference was happening “as we sit here.” This has always been the plan. Should Trump win again in 2020, it will not really be a “win.” It will be an assault on our precious democracy. The same efforts to undo Trump will intensify, and his presidency will be a longshot to make it to 2024 intact.

The DNC and National Security State may have been fist bumping each other over their smear of Bernie, but they should not be. As I write, Bernie is shredding the competition in Nevada and is on his way to yet another victory. It seems the voters in Nevada aren’t quite worried about those ole Russkis. The problem for the DNC goes beyond just Bernie, however. It was one thing to invent and weaponized an inane charge of foreign interference against another country with zero evidence. It is another to do the exact same thing to a fierce opponent of the President they claim Russia essentially installed in the White House. It was one thing to sell a furious Democratic party on petulant Trump as a foreign asset. It is an entirely different thing to sell that same party that its favorite candidate is one too.

In other words, the DNC and National Security State have overplayed their hand. Many Bernie Sanders supporters believe or believed the charge of Russian interference against Donald Trump. With their smear on a candidate with sky high support running to oppose Trump, they have now begun to kill what little credibility they have left. Don’t think for a second any Bernie Bros believe that Russia is intervening to aid him. Simply, the charge is pathetic and desperate, and shows how low the party and National Security State is willing to go to knock off candidates they disdain. The more this attack is used against others, the less effect it will have. The media and DNC have been are further exposing themselves as frauds. Whether their hubris allows them to see this as a fact is an entirely different issue.

Regardless of Mother Russia, it is time Americans wake up to a very simple fact: other countries have opinions on our elections. Who, pray tell, do Canada and Mexico want to win the presidency? France? Germany? Oh, and of course, Israel? Foreign leaders are going to have opinions on who should lead the United States. If Americans want to strut around and claim to live in the nation that is “the leader of the free world” and “the beacon of light for the world” then maybe, just maybe, they should expect other countries to have opinions on their affairs. Of course, is there a country on the planet Earth that interferes more in the affairs of other countries than the United States? Rhetorical.

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