Is the Super Bowl Event a Reflection of Today’s American Values?

“Son, this is the United States of America. Some would say it’s unconstitutional to try to prevent psychopaths from fulfilling their potential.”  ~ Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

One has to wonder; does the spectacle of the most watched television event in America, the Super Bowl, represent the actual thinking of the people? Is it more reality than fiction, or is it simply a show? Do the interviews, the media comments, the commercials, the display and worship of military murderers, and the half-time show express the true needs, feelings, and concerns of the general population? Over 100 million people continue to watch it, so how closely are the personalities of Americans reflected in this content?

I will preface my comments by saying that in no way am I attempting to claim moral superiority, nor do I wish to tell others how they should live their own lives. I am simply questioning once forbidden behavior and beliefs that are now openly accepted in this society. The stark differences are very troubling to be sure, especially considering the total disregard for what might be seen as past common courtesy and respect.

Studies and polls are done on a regular basis where a small percentage of people are used in order to discern the attitudes of the greater population at large. If one considers the Super Bowl viewers as a poll or study group of the average citizen, would it not be legitimate considering that 1/3 of all Americans continue to tune in every year? This is a far greater sampling than most any other scientific study by an extreme margin, so does the Super Bowl extravaganza reflect common American thought? Its obvious biases, its targeted commercials, its support of war and military, its politically motivated features, its diversity promotion, its elements of post-modernist and multiculturalist attitudes, its support of feminism, and of course the blatant sexual overtones are all evident, so might one rightfully assume that these things are supported by the viewers?

It is my guess that this does not suit all the viewers, but it is my fear that it does suit a majority of them, or at least they accept it without question, which if true would indicate a massive change in the values once held in this country. Those values were a love of family, of tradition, of beauty and art, of freedom, of peace and harmony, of independent thought, of personal responsibility, and respect for the individual. These attitudes seem to be mostly lost in this current society, and seem to have been replaced with envy, hatred, contempt for the individual, confusion, rudeness, violence, and a belief in forced egalitarian outcomes. If true, this does not bode well for the future of this country.

Professional football used to be a Sunday event for families, as they cheered on their teams. These were simple times for family fun, and politics was mostly left out of sports. These events were rarely used for agenda driven propaganda, and if that had been attempted then, support would have diminished quickly.

Fast forward to today’s Super Bowl, where families are watching, and there are transgender ads, feminist ads, ads of hate, military worship, interviews concerning so-called racism and sexism, and obnoxious political ads that are nothing less than blatant propaganda. All is agenda driven. This goes on for hours before and during the game, and finally it is halftime, that period of player rest when in earlier days bands used to play their school or team songs. But now the halftime is a sex show, where scantily clad entertainers with little real talent participate in a show that could easily be classified as adult entertainment. This year’s halftime show seemed to be a contest of who could win the award for the best example of public debauchery. I am no prude mind you, but this is a family event, and the audience includes those from small children to elderly grandparents. Is there no respect left?

One might say that this is just a football game, but is it really? It is now a politically motivated show targeted to a large audience, an audience that continues to watch every year. So is this what is desired by most Americans? Nothing is private, nothing is sacred, and everything is promoted and exposed. Every sporting event, especially this one, is used to promote multiple agendas, regardless of the setting or the nature of the content. The reality of the Super Bowl in my opinion is that it is a reflection of modern American society. This was just one championship game on a Sunday, but it exposes the attitudes and behaviors of an entire nation. This is a sad commentary on the deterioration of American society. Is this the best we can do?

“We all have the little grey cells. And so few of us know how to use them.” ~ Agatha Christie, The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman: A Short Story

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