Loathing Liberty

Did you know that “white people are willing to die rather than be connected to or finance policies that they believe are giving resources to people they view as undeserving”?

Neither did I. I didn’t even experience an “Aha!”-moment, though I should have since I’m white. I must thank Jonathan Capehart, an “opinion writer” at the Washington Post, for ferreting out sentiments so unsuspected I swear he imagined them.

I’d return the favor, assigning beliefs to him based on his color, but I like to know a person—preferably in depth—before guessing at his thoughts. And even then I’m often wrong. Yet Mr. Capehart not only reads our minds but fearlessly lumps white folks together, as if our Creator didn’t differentiate each human being from all others with unique experiences, impressions, talents and foibles.

Hmmm. Do you suppose ol’ Capehart’s a bigot? Naaaawwww: not only does a major daily that routinely and smugly condemns such evil publish his blather, but even better, he’s black, and we all know “‘ethnic minorit[ies]…cannot be racist or sexist…’”

He’s also won a Pulitzer, which may explain his complacent condemnation of hundreds of millions of people he’s never polled, met, or even talked with. Or perhaps he prattles his nonsense because he can—and does—blame it on a professor with notions as noxious as his: “Jonathan M. Metzl is the Frederick B. Rentschler II professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University … . He is the author of several books and a prominent expert on gun violence and mental illness.” You needn’t display a Pulitzer on your shelf to deduce Metzl’s decided and overwhelming bias. He titled one of his books (WARNING: GAG ALERT), Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland. Why would anyone read such tripe? Yet our buddy Capehart not only ploughed through it, he approvingly interviewed the author.

These two cretins have built careers on castigating Americans of British and European descent.  They are neither original nor clever as they spout the usual Marxist malice. But they do point to something that inspires much of Progressives’ anti-white fervor. They hate our skin, certainly, but even more they hate what they assume we represent: America and the ideals of liberty and individuality she once espoused.

Oh, the irony! A few of us still revere liberty (as does an equally tiny remnant of blacks), but most have sold their freedom for Leviathan’s pottage. Alas, Marxists appreciate irony about as much as they do humor.

Dying of Whiteness, Capehart enthuses, “chillingly shows how white identity permeates present-day policymaking making outside of Washington.” That would be news to all the white taxpayers financing the welfare-state, in which, “[a]t 41.6 percent, blacks were more likely to participate …,” according to that Progressive god, the federal government. “The black participation rate was followed by Hispanics at 36.4 percent, Asians or Pacific Islanders at 17.8 percent, and”—bringing up the rear—“non-Hispanic whites at 13.2 percent.”

But we’ve only scratched the surface of the duo’s lies and distortions. Capehart continues: “Metzl opens the book recounting his conversation with a man he refers to as Trevor, a 41-year-old Tennessee man who was dying from liver damage and who was adamantly opposed to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.”

Ahem. Remember that the writer of this botched sentence has a Pulitzer to his credit.

But back to Trevor, who’s about to redeem the whole sorry mess: “‘Ain’t no way I would ever support Obamacare or sign up for it. I would rather die.’ Trevor tells Metzl in the book before explaining why.” (What was the Pulitzer Committee thinking? I’ve read bureaucrats who write more euphoniously than this.) “‘We don’t need any more government in our lives. And in any case, no way I want my tax dollars paying for Mexicans or welfare queens.’”

Well. You can imagine how Trevor’s thirst for freedom outraged our two socialists—so completely that they grotesquely (and deliberately?) misunderstand. Metzl claimed, “That was a quote I heard a lot. … The idea was that even if this program might benefit me, I’m not gonna support a program that might also benefit by his estimation undeserving immigrants or minorities … Part of the jumping-off point of the book is how powerful is this idea about what it means to be white in America and this idea that basically to be white means to have to block the advances [sic for ‘thievery via government’] of other groups.’”

You Marxist moron, Trevor isn’t talking about “what it means to be white in America” but about what it once meant to be American, regardless of color. Thrillingly, he demonstrates virtues so rare they’re nigh obsolete, such as autonomy: he’d “rather die” than succumb to Obummercare. He worries not about how “the program” might “benefit” him, as far too many of his compatriots do; rather, he abhors its chokehold on liberty. Bravo, Trevor, bravo!

Next, consider his courage. Trevor doesn’t lightly choose death over slavery: he is fatally ill from “liver damage.” But when he dies, at least he’ll do so independently of socialized medicine (and likely bankrupt, since Leviathan’s interference in this market has inflated prices higher than Metzl’s ego).

Living—and dying—free is a concept so far above Capehart and Metzl, so much nobler than anything their diseased little minds have ever dreamed, that they cannot begin to fathom it. Even Trevor’s cri de coeur, “We don’t need any more government in our lives,” can’t rouse them from their Marxist muck.

Speaking of which: “Metzl’s book,” Capehart babbles, “focuses on health care in Tennessee, gun rights in Missouri and budget cuts in Kansas. With each example, he shows how white identity played a role in the tragedy that befell each state.” “Tragedy”? Even Goebbels must be shaking his head at such hamfisted propaganda. No surprise that “each example” provides a soapbox for Metzl to demand more and stronger government.

Finally, Trevor hungers for justice—real justice, too, not Progressives’ “social” imposter. He craves a country where men keep what they earn (“And in any case, no way I want my tax dollars paying for Mexicans or welfare queens.” We might wish that Trevor hadn’t generalized so sweepingly—after all, most Mexicans support themselves—but we’ll forgive this inaccuracy). Trevor’s a throwback to an earlier America, where everyone pulled his own weight and sought to help his neighbors rather than sponge off them.

Trevor’s a hero; we need a country full of folks with his backbone and devotion to liberty, regardless of color. Whereas even one Capehart or Metzl is waaaay too many.