How Insurance Impoverishes

One of the cleverest means by which the majority of people are kept in their place in an oligarchy – which is the system we live within – is via mandatory insurance.

It is one of the hidden mechanisms by which the majority are kept in their place. In a position tantamount to that of a feudal serf, who is permitted to work so that he may continue to pay his fief overlords.

And not cause any trouble by becoming too independent.

It is very difficult for the average person – especially the average young person – to accumulate capital in our system because after taxes – and mandatory insurance payments – there is very little capital left over.

Just as intended – or even if not. The effect is the same, regardless. Gift Card i... Buy New $10.00 (as of 08:25 EST - Details) Capital is leverage – the means by which a person can increase his capital. Mandatory insurance – after mandatory taxes – leaves not much to leverage. The average person can just about pay his necessary living expenses after he has paid his mandatory taxes and mandatory insurance.

He lives to work – and works to live.

Until he dies.

He never has time for questioning; he is under pressure to keep his head down – and his nose to the grindstone. He never achieves financial security – that state of having capital.

Of being free of the need to work . . . of the necessity to continue generating the capital  to pay mandatory taxes and insurance.

The elites in an oligarchy favor mandatory insurance – and impose it – not because (as they claim) it is necessary for “the good of society” but because it is good for them. It prevents the average person from being able to accumulate any significant capital and thereby prevents the average person from ever increasing his capital.

Which prevents the average person from ever being in a position of not having to work in order to live.

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