Corona Virus Part II

A little over two weeks ago, I wrote to you about the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic in a blog post titled, ‘Corona Virus: What to Do.’ In that post, I suggested that corona virus, like most flu-like viruses, can be effectively managed with a holistic approach of eating a diet free of refined sugar, taking vitamins and minerals—particularly vitamins A, C, and D as well as iodine, and avoiding the flu shot.

Why avoid the flu shot? The flu shot is approximately 1-2% effective in preventing the flu—that is the absolute risk difference which is much more reliable than relative risk difference. That means the flu shot fails to protect the vast majority who receive it. And, there are studies that found those who get the flu shot are MORE susceptible to similar non-flu-like viruses including, you guessed it, corona virus. Getting the flu shot and increasing one’s risk to other flu- and non-flu-like illnesses was first written about 60 years ago by Thomas Francis, Jr., M.D. (1) Sixty years of an expensive, lousy medical intervention is enough; the flu vaccine should be pulled from the market.

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The new corona virus, COVID-19 is still spreading in China and elsewhere. As of 2.14.20, the data indicates that 1,400 have died and over 64,000 are infected. Although those numbers are grim, I would like to put them in perspectiveThese numbers correlate to a 2% death rate (1,400/64,000). In other words, 98% of those infected survive. Keep in mind, those are the reported numbers. I am certain there are many more infected people who are staying home convalescing on their own.  Factoring those individuals in the total numbers would lower the death rate.

Any death is a tragedy, but the death rate from this new corona virus strain is not severe. I think we will see a significant amount of corona virus infection in the US but I think our death rate will be lower. We do not live in as crowded nor as polluted conditions as the Chinese do in the affected cities.

As with any viral illness, the best protective measures are to ensure the body has all the nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system. That means eating a clean diet free of refined sugar, maintaining optimal hydration and ensuring that you have optimal levels of vitamins and minerals.

At my office, we find great success with doing IV nutrient therapy when our patients are ill with a viral or bacterial infection. I received a note from a physician colleague of mine (a “Yooper”) who, at my request, gave himself a hydrogen peroxide IV and recovered from the flu in a day. Intravenous vitamin C, glutathione and ozone are other therapies that also help with viral infections.

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