They Are Coming To Take You Away (Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho) - - Just For Having Symptoms Of The Common Cold

“I’ll be happy to see those men in clean white coats… they’re coming to take me away.” – Napolean XIV

Common Cold Symptoms Could Land You In Forced Quarantine Centers

One minute you are enjoying a cruise on a majestic ocean liner off the coast of Japan and the next minute you are trapped onboard in a 2-week quarantine, then whisked away on an airliner to destinations unknown in the U.S. in yet another quarantine as other non-symptomatic passengers on-board the plane test positive for coronavirus infection.

A news report describes the plight of 340 U.S. Diamond Princess ocean cruise passengers who had been kept onboard for a two-week quarantine off the coast of Japan, then boarded aircraft to return to the U.S.  Fourteen (14) of these air evacuees were placed in onboard aircraft isolation chambers on specially rigged aircraft when it was found they tested positive for the coronavirus.  All were non-symptomatic vacationers (meaning they were exposed to the coronavirus and developed their own natural antibodies).  They were flown to continental quarantine centers in the U.S., in this instance, Texas and California. Left of Bang: How the ... Patrick Van Horne, Jas... Best Price: $12.13 Buy New $14.63 (as of 08:15 EST - Details)

One passenger said: “It’s like a prison sentence for something I did not do.  They are holding us hostage for absolutely no reason.”  Another passenger said: “You cannot imagine.  Crazy or worst dream ever.”

The news report goes on to say 400 non-symptomatic passengers aboard the ocean liner had tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Again, that would mean they had naturally developed antibodies against this alleged deadly coronavirus on their own, without need for vaccination (no vaccine is currently available).

Natural antibodies against SARS, another coronavirus, appear to be long lasting and may possibly last a lifetime.  So, the presumption is exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus and production of memory antibodies would also produce life-long immunity from this coronavirus.  Life-long immunity may not be afforded by a synthetic vaccine.  But mysteriously, there is no more SARS coronavirus (explained below).

When will this stop?

In Great Britain, authorities there said they may urge people to quit work and self-quarantine themselves for two weeks if the virus spreads uncontrollably.  The whole country asked to stay indoors for a month?  When will this quarantine mania stop?

Incubation period dictates duration of quarantine

The coronavirus infects and then produces symptoms 3-5 days later (the incubation period).  However, maybe a 2-week quarantine period is not long enough.  A recent study says the maximum incubation period is 24 days.  That is a long time to quarantine human populations.

These draconian quarantine measures are an overkill.  The COVID-19 coronavirus, as it is now called, is infecting and killing no more people than what occurs in a common cold/flu season (2.5% death rate among infected individuals). For comparison, the 2017 flu season in the U.S. caused a reported 2 deaths per 100,000.

It is obvious that flu viruses begin to produce symptoms in winter.  The flu viruses are always in circulation but it is the immune status of the individual, largely dictated by blood levels and liver storage of sunshine vitamin D.

Sunlight if responsible for about 90% of the vitamin D in most people.  About 3 months of vitamin D is supposed to be stored in the liver and other fatty tissues of healthy adults in summertime in preparation for winter.  It is then transported to the kidneys to convert into its active form.

But in modern life, too much time is spent indoors, so vitamin D levels are particularly low in winter.  Modern medicine ignores this and revels in all the disease to treat.  Quarantine simply makes it impossible to obtain any natural sunlight and a concomitant decline in immunity would be predictable.  Mass wintertime vitamin D supplementation should be called for in northern countries.

Largely viral diseases spring up in winter and it is not the person-to-person transmission of these viruses that quarantine addresses, but the immune status of the individual that is paramount.  Viruses are evident in blood samples in summer but don’t generally convert to disease.  This is demonstrated by the complete lack of transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus in other well-nourished countries.

Seasonal viral epidemics simultaneously erupt in cities in winter, not by person-to-person transmission.  If your immune system is optimally functioning, you will not acquire a cold or flu from a person sitting next to you on an airplane.  This is being demonstrated now with the COVID-19 coronavirus which is not spreading person-to-person.

It’s just a mutated common cold virus

There are ~200 viruses that are said to cause the common cold.  Coronaviruses are known to be nothing more than common-cold viruses.  An extensive report by researchers in Singapore, as published in 2016, noted that coronaviruses are known to cause “common cold infections” and represent a third of the bouts of common cold in humans.  Two strains of coronavirus have been in circulation in humans “for a long time.”

Coronaviruses mainly produce common cold symptoms, but in immune-compromised subjects, pneumonia (fluid-filled lungs) may develop.

True, this is a mutated virus and the entire human population may not have specific antibodies against it.  But it appears the human immune system is doing its job in healthy adults.  The discovery of asymptomatic coronavirus is evidence.  If the human immune system were not up to the job of quelling foreign viruses and bacteria, humanity would have been eradicated long ago.

Virulence of virus or host immunity?

A major question is whether innate mortal properties of the coronavirus or “host immune factors” are the most important component of this infectious disease.

The target groups for preventive or therapeutic treatment are diabetics, obese, aged and tobacco users.

However, paradoxically these high-risk populations are less likely to develop antibodies against this mutated coronavirus because of their weak immune systems and therefore may not benefit from vaccination.

If a new vaccine was composed of a “live” attenuated virus*, it may actually induce symptoms of the disease, lead to hospitalization and treatment-induced death (sepsis: hospital acquire blood infection or treatment error) or even re-expose patients to the coronavirus transmitted by healthcare workers who are more likely to be non-symptomatic carriers of the virus (all hospitalized patients and healthcare workers presumed to be vitamin D deficient due to the indoor work environment.)

*Live viruses are a misnomer.  Viruses are globs of genetic material that invade and replicate inside living cells.

By the way, “live attenuated viruses” may revert to a pathogenic form and cause disease.

There are other flu viruses in circulation during a typical wintertime flu season.  For example, there are a number of laboratory confirmed Type A & B flu/cold viruses in circulation in this 2019-2020 flu season, including H1N1, H3N2).  But in Hubei, it’s like there are no other viruses in circulation.  Only the COVID-19 coronavirus is being reported. But patients would obviously have symptoms caused by other viruses which are at this point in time presumed to be COVID-19.

It’s getting worse; or is it?

The jump in reported coronaviral infections in early February 2020 was caused by a new policy that allowed physicians to diagnose suspected cases of the new COVID-19 coronavirus on the basis of chest x-rays alone rather than waiting for genetic tests for confirmation.

Strange footnote   

A strange footnote: the SARS coronavirus of 2003 has not been found in any blood samples since 2004. reports, after 2003, the only SARS cases came from isolated laboratory outbreaks where scientists were studying the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that causes the illness. Once again, officials contained these infections through isolation and quarantines.

There are news reports circulating that China “built” the SARS virus and now a similar virus has escaped from the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, the designated lab in China for investigation and study of pathologic viruses. Political Class Dismis... Ostrowski, Mr. James Best Price: $4.00 Buy New $9.50 (as of 09:20 EST - Details)

A report issued by the South China University of Technology concluded “the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan,” the epicenter of the epidemic.  The unexplained disappearance of SARS may suggest it WAS a bioweapon.

Certain people appear to have had foreknowledge of the latest COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  World health officials plus a consortium of financial, news, security, airline and pharmaceutical representatives met at the Davos World Economic Forum in early December of 2019 for the specific purpose of mapping a response to a coronavirus epidemic.

I think it’s possible China does what other countries do under similar economic circumstances. (Think 1982 Falkland Islands War with Britain when the economy of Argentina collapsed).  After coming out of the tariff trade war with the U.S., China’s economy must have been on the state of collapse.  When events like this happen, countries usually contrive wars as a distraction.  But that is not always possible.  Now we see wildfires (California, Australia) in other unstable economies and an epidemic viral infection in China.  Do these events serve as political cover for a sour economy?

What to do?

In the meantime, whether some nefarious laboratory scientist is intentionally mutating a coronavirus or not, we have to protect ourselves.  Weight control, cessation of smoking, limitation of alcohol (except wine), control of blood sugar, go a long way towards maintaining a healthy immune system.

Under the scenario described herein, one would hope they are exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus and develop natural life-long antibodies and immunity.  Otherwise you will always be vulnerable to this pathogenic virus.