Blame Leviathan, Not Us

Finally! The Twitterverse is actually chiding a racist who happens to be black!

Eric Adams is not only a black supremacist but a politician, too—and a particularly pointless one at that (pardon the redundancy): he’s president of the Borough of Brooklyn in New York City. Yes, that would be the same City already cursed with more “public servants” than rats per square mile. So what does the “borough president”—and there are five of ‘em, one each for Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island—find to do in that toxic stew? Not much, as even Pravda—er, the New York Daily News acknowledged: “Useless wastes,” it complained in 2009. “Borough presidents don’t do much except spend tax money.”

And how! Eleven years ago, the Big Apple’s subjects were paying these parasitic “presidents” $150,000 annually while also “provid[ing] them with a car and driver”—both “car” and “driver” should be plural— as well as staffs: “assistants to the president” who earn[ed] between $35,000 and $136,420” in 2014; “administrative managers” at anywhere from $60,000 to $124,353 per year; and “administrative staff analysts” ($49,492 to $109,664). I shudder at how the wages for these sinecures must have escalated over the last decade.

All this for leeches who “were stripped of most of their authority years ago, but whose positions remain nonetheless” in the Marxist insanity that is New York’s government. Still, I suppose pampered but powerless politicians are preferable to pampered but powerful ones. Halestorm--A Novel of ... Akers, Becky Best Price: null Buy New $2.99 (as of 11:05 EST - Details)

At any rate, ol’ Eric is Amerika’s answer to Megs and Prince Harry: a worthless, utterly indulged freeloader who ought to be on his knees, thanking the taxpayers who foot his bills.

Instead, he publicly castigates them. On “Monday at the National Action Networks’ MLK Day celebration in Harlem,” he denounced white newcomers to New York City because they “‘are not only high-jacking your [i.e., his audience’s] apartments and displacing your living arrangements, … they displace your conversations and said that things that are important to you are no longer important and they decide what’s important and what’s not important.”

Do I detect a contender here with Pelosi for the title of “Most Inarticulate Tyrant”?

But when he continued, he was clear enough that the Daily News admitted, “Adams’s remarks were striking for his all but explicitly racial tone.” Nope, he was beyond explicit: “‘Go back to Iowa! You go back to Ohio! New York City belongs to the people that [were] here and made New York City what it is,’ Adams, an ex-cop, said to applause. ‘I know I’m a New Yorker. I protected [sic for ‘without even the pretence of a warrant, I stopped and frisked other black men in’] this city. I have a right to put my voice in how this city is run.’”

Oh, the megalomania of Our Rulers! Since when does beating people senseless give cops “a right to put my voice in how a city is run”? And why should a city be “run”? Why can’t residents manage their own lives under the gentle but efficacious “invisible hand” of voluntary association and transactions?

Thank Heaven this vainglorious, prodigal bigot was “[c]alled out for the comments on Twitter…” “[M]any on social media said that his remarks were unnecessarily divisive and uncomfortably close to xenophobic diatribes aimed at new immigrants.” Whoa! For once, Progressives aren’t excusing hate-speech despite the speaker’s black identity and their open season on whites. Do you suppose Hell has frozen over, too?

“‘I guess we should look to relocate the Statue of Liberty,’ read one typical response. ‘Don’t want to give anyone the impression we want anymore [sic] out of towners. Good way to honor the spirit of Martin Luther King.’ … Some questioned whether Iowa was ‘the new dog whistle for white people,’ while others pointed out that New York has long prided itself on being an international city that welcomes newcomers from all over.”

Yet even as the media reports such scoldings, it covers for Eric by interpreting his tirade as a condemnation of “gentrification.” So do his accomplices in official crime: “Mayor de Blasio’s office gave muted criticism of the beep’s remarks. ‘The mayor doesn’t agree with how it was said, but the borough president voiced a very real frustration,” spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein said in a statement. ‘We need to improve affordability in this city to ensure New Yorkers can stay in the city they love…”

That’s so rich it’s nauseating. The reason “affordability” ain’t is the City’s stratospheric taxes on real estate: “The property tax is New York City’s largest source of revenue. It is projected to generate $24 billion in fiscal year 2017, or 44 percent of all City tax revenues and about twice as much as the second largest source, the local personal income tax.”

Indeed. A single building—the Trump Plaza, say, on Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side, with 175 apartments— pays a jaw-dropping $3,857,237 in taxes every year. That means each apartment coughs up an average of $22,041 per annum in addition to a mortgage and its portion of shared expenses (salaries for the doormen and porters, electricity to light the halls, etc.) Yet New York’s political greedballs routinely vilify residents for craving decent housing and the developers and landlords supplying it as the cause of the City’s extortionate prices.

Do inordinate taxes on co-ops, condos, and rentals confine Adams’ audience to lower-priced, dilapidated neighborhoods? Yep. Demagogues can blame white New Yorkers and their alleged racism for hiking rents all they like, but the true culprit is government.

Ditto for a contretemps last week at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, when Tara Houska, a “Native American traveler” with “her hair in long braids,” suffered an assault from the Thieves and Sexual Assailants. Ms. Houska is “an attorney and indigenous rights activist”—that’s “American Indian racist” in plain English—and thus more sophisticated and glib than ex-cop Adams; ergo, her charging Whitey with the TSA’s depravity has earned plaudits rather than reprimands.

It seems when Tara was “Going through @TSA … the agent said she needed to pat down my braids.”

I don’t know what it is with the TSA and hair, but lengthy locks fascinate these deviants as much as they do free-lance ones. The TSA regularly harasses female passengers by combing through their tresses; Tara’s magnificent plaits must have sounded a siren’s song to them. And so the TSA’s thuggette “pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed & said ‘giddyup!’ as she snapped my braids like reins.” Abducting Arnold--A No... Akers, Becky Best Price: null Buy New $2.99 (as of 10:30 EST - Details)

That’s deeply offensive, as the TSA’s gate-rape always is. But Tara’s reaction was equally objectionable. Like many black women who’ve endured this outrage, she imputes it not to the TSA’s systemic evil but to the “blonde” groper’s bias (“This kind of racism is not something that is new to our people,” Houska [said]…“This is just one small incident but it’s reflective of a larger culture”). “My hair is part of my spirit,” she huffed. “I am a Native woman. I am angry, humiliated. Your ‘fun’ hurt.”

Pssst, Tara: most women, Native or not, prize their hair, nor do they appreciate strangers’ rummaging through it. You are neither special nor alone in that sentiment.

But Tara’s not a smug “activist” for nothing. She decreed this a “#TeachingMoment” in which she can lecture us—as if we rather than the TSA abused her (thank me, dear reader, for mercifully condensing her harangue): “All these little microaggressions add up, and we should be treating each other with respect across the board.” Worse, like most of the TSA’s prey, she was waaaaay too willing to grant the agency’s right to search her in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment; Tara’s quarrel—a losing one—lies with how the TSA’s degenerates chose to conduct that search: “It’s TSA and so it’s invasive no matter what — it’s their job to sometimes pat you down and it’s part of safety and I get that,… That said, it was dehumanizing and just really disrespectful. It was kind of humiliating, to be honest, as a person but also as an indigenous person.”

Absolutely it was. But put the blame squarely where it belongs: on the anti-Constitutional TSA. This white girl has tired of Leviathan’s atrocities being laid at her door.

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