Racism in America

According to the American media it seems that America stops people from entering the country, puts refugees in concentration camps, and that racism and sexism runs rife among the police, in university admissions, and in corporate hiring.

According to Ilhan Omar, one of the emerging members of the US Congress, the most crime-prone people in the US are of European origin. She wants them to be profiled and monitored. Ironically, her parents, instead of moving to a Muslim country or another African country, chose to move to America. And no doubt I can hardly think of anyone from South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent who given a chance would not move to America.

People move to America because they get more opportunities, and feel more respected. You don’t have to bribe the policeman. Color of your skin, your sex, your religion, etc. are at least not the officially stated reasons why opportunities would be denied. Courts are reasonably fair and your private property reasonably safe. The Untold History of ... Oliver Stone, Peter Ku... Best Price: $11.64 Buy New $10.99 (as of 10:35 EST - Details)

America is a land of dreams, a land of liberty, and a land of refuge for the oppressed, a society that courageous, hard-working people who came from Europe created.

Is America perfect? It isn’t. But people come to America because it is vastly superior than what the immigrants and refugees left behind. Anyone who thinks that it is racism of America that stops him from succeeding in life is merely transferring responsibly for his own failings and laziness, or is trying to make people of European origin feel guilty to extract resources. Such a person has no gratitude for what he got, but worries only about what he didn’t get—this beggar-mentality is a part of the hellhole, Third World cultural milieu that is increasingly an acceptable part of the public discourse in America.

Of course, as Ilhan Omar demonstrates, bigotry against those of European origin is not only perfectly acceptable, but encouraged. Such bigotry is seen as a sign of having arrived, a sign that these refugees and immigrants are superior. Of course, they have nothing to show for the superiority of their tribal societies, and their oppressive religions. In the multi-cultural system of America, you must approve of the regressive customs of immigrants, and stand in awe of their so-called childish art, music and dance.

Alexandria Ocazio-Cotez looks at everything from the prism of her congressional area, dominated by immigrants and refugees from South America. Rashida Tlaib is a proud Palestinian Muslim-American. Ayanna Pressley is a proud Black-American. Ironically, none of them would be earning a $175,000 per year salary today if it wasn’t for her race, religion and sex. So much for the sexism and racism they claim to face—they actually get preferential treatment. Also, while they are indeed proud of being American, it is hyphenated pride. In their imagination they would want to remould America into the image of their tribal affiliation, which would be an abomination to the idea of America.

Even at meritocratic companies, colored people get preference, assuming everything else being similar to other candidates.

In today’s America, while everyone is allowed to be proud of his religion, race, and the hellholes he or his parents left behind, there is one group of people who are expected to feel guilty about their race. These are people of European origin, exactly the people who are the reason behind the grand success of America, and for much of the intellectual capital of humanity. They are made to feel guilty because they, apart from East Asians, are the only people who have the potential to feel guilt and shame.

In the land of the free, today any accusation against people of European origin for being racist is all that it takes to destroy their career and social life.

Last year in Philadelphia, a few black men were at a Starbucks. They had not bought anything, so the manager quite rightly asked them to either buy something or leave. The men insisted on staying put without offering any business. The police were called. I thought that the company would honor the manager. Instead, Starbucks apologised, offered free coffee to blacks, and ran a course of diversity for its employees. I no longer offer my custom to Starbucks.

Recently, a white person politely asked a black man who had tailgated behind him into a secured building to wait outside the building. The black man instead of politely leaving, video recorded the incident and claimed racism. Not to be left behind, CNN posted that video in their headline news. Worried about looking racist, the police stayed back.

Increasingly black criminals have a free license to do what they want.

The Camp of the Saints Jean Raspail Best Price: $69.24 Buy New $52.65 (as of 01:10 EST - Details) People of north European origin are by far the least racist and least sexist people on the planet, the reason why everyone from the around the world wants to come to places run by them. The colored people, Muslims and blacks prefer to work for a boss who is of north European origin, for he is likely to be fair and generous. They face most of animosity from people of their own kind, blacks from blacks, and Muslims from Muslims, and Indians from Indians, but then hypocritically they blame any of their failures to white-privilege.

America is indeed a melting-pot but only for those who want to assimilate. Because people are tribal, it is likely the most ghettoized country in the West.

Letting lack of gratitude be allowed, Third World culture, customs and religions be honored in the guise of multi-culturalism, and colored people being given preferential treatment is racism of low-expectations. In other words, America actively infantilizes people who are not of European origin. This is not benign, innocent racism. Given that very soon 50% of America will be of non-European origin, politics of America will turn sharply to the Left, once Trump is gone. There is too much inertia to stop the inevitable. The US will likely become the first western country to destroy itself.

Once the US has become a Third World disaster, hopefully splintered off into smaller units, they should reflect on two lessons. Multiethnic, multicultural, multiracial societies do not work. And that good, smart people suffer from a major handicap. They fail to appreciate the nature of evil and low-intelligence.