Will an “Apparent Suicide” be the Fate of Julian Assange?

This title is not meant as a prediction, although considering the history of the fate of dissidents against the state, it needs to be considered. The life and story of Julian Assange has all the markings of a pre-determined outcome, but absolutely nothing should be accepted without scrutiny. The destiny of Julian Assange, a true modern hero, is uncertain to be sure, but with his arrest and state incarceration, and an almost assured extradition, his future seems bleak.

Many have called for the death of Julian Assange, including members of Congress. There was always the risk that he would be murdered, but instead he has been in a prison environment for the past seven years in Ecuador’s embassy in London. Now he is being held in what is labeled as Britain’s “Guantanamo Bay,” Belmarsh High Security Prison. His arrest and imprisonment has changed the game so to speak, and those who wanted a quick end to this dilemma by assassination are temporarily out of luck.

I first wrote about the plight of Assange in 2012, and have continually followed his impossible situation. I have great respect for anyone willing to report the truth about the evil and corrupt nature of the U.S. government and its agents of force, and will always support such efforts regardless of public opinion. The WikiLeaks Files: T... WikiLeaks Best Price: $4.18 Buy New $6.95 (as of 06:20 EST - Details)

What most do not realize is that this is one of the most important events of our time. Those who dare to speak out against power put their lives in great jeopardy. They do this knowingly, and the only real incentives for these brave actions are the satisfaction of telling the truth, and exposing the corruption and evil that exists in this world. This is a moral decision, and it is fraught with extreme risk. Many have taken this path and died for their efforts, and many have been financially ruined and psychologically destroyed. The final fate of Julian Assange is not yet clear, but he is just one man against the powerful state apparatus, and has little hope of any honest justice.

Nothing is so important as truth, so when telling the truth is considered criminal by the state, then the obvious conclusion is that the state fears the truth, and therefore is likely guilty of high crimes itself. When the government is afraid of the truth, and pursues with deadly force those who expose it, it is time to eliminate that government for it has become an enemy of the people it pretends to represent.

The American Empire, as with past empires, has become a police state that trusts no citizen, and will use any method possible to stop those who dare to question its policies. The U.S. government of today is watching everyone, monitoring every activity, storing the personal information of every citizen, and aggressively targeting any who refuse to bow down to government authority. Julian Assange is the latest victim of this powerful state aggression against truth tellers.

From beginning to end, this assault by the U.S. against Assange has been a calculated criminal act meant to silence him in an effort to protect state lies, corruption, war crimes, and mass murder. There is much at stake for this fascist government and its banking and corporate rulers. The war machine is a trillion dollar a year business, and many stand to lose should the truth be told about the nefarious acts of the political class. When government and its corporate partners can only exist with constant war, the elite rule and the rest of society squirms under the thumb of oppression and tyranny. In this environment, truth is always the enemy of the state. That is why in 2012, Assange, in a declassified military document, was designated as an enemy of the state.

Julian Assange is in harm’s way, and his fate at this time is in the hands of the elite and criminal political class. They can only stay in power and continue to rule so long as they are able to squelch honest speech by killing or marginalizing those who seek to expose the truth. This case against Assange is of vital importance to the future of America. If government disallows speech and controls the narrative, and the general population accepts this travesty, we will all lose.

Due to his unwarranted confinement, Assange can now be destroyed psychologically, physically, or die of some mysterious ailment. He can die of an “apparent (assisted) suicide,” never having had the chance to gain real justice. This is a definite possibility given the history and mentality of those who have chosen to destroy him. He may be starved, drugged to the point of severe brain damage, or sent to any number of U.S. black sites for torture. Should Assange be harmed or die unexpectedly, nothing coming from government or the mainstream media should be believed. So long as government chooses to hide the truth, and go after those who speak it, then they will continue to eliminate dissidents and whistleblowers by any means necessary. As these charlatans are fond of saying, “nothing is off the table.” This is especially true concerning Assange, as he is a major threat to the elite political and corporate class.

When truth telling is considered a crime against the state, when heroes like Julian Assange are not supported and protected by society at large, when journalists who speak truth to power are rounded up and imprisoned or killed due to exposing corruption, life in a free country has ceased to exist.

The common man and the powerful politician have one thing in common. Both are afraid of the truth, and seek to avoid it at all costs. It is only the thinking individual who dares to confront the truth, and spread it without fear.