Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 DESTROYS Rights

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a very bad law. It attacks freedom in business decisions. It thoroughly attacks, undermines and destroys rights in exchanges that involve hiring and firing.

This law divides Americans, placing them in adversarial positions. It places routine business decisions under a cloud of possible litigation. The law expands and extends discrimination into a pervasive and contentious political matter. It destroys cooperation in favor of confrontation. It encourages lawsuits and suspicions of discrimination being elevated into lawsuits.

The Politically Incorr... Thomas E. Woods Jr. Best Price: $1.51 Buy New $8.71 (as of 06:15 UTC - Details) The law outlaws discrimination without defining it, which means that it cannot and does not say how to prove its presence and does not provide penalties. These matters are left to a commission, the EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This makes employers subject to laws being made, not by elected representatives, but by an agency.

The law fosters the illusion that equality is a value above freedom. It fosters the illusion that any and all considerations entering hiring and firing decisions can be quantified and, when quantifiable, can be quantified costlessly; and, when quantifiable, have some sort of clear meaning concerning discrimination.

This is a law that continues to generate trouble by extensions and possible extensions, via amendment or via EEOC rulings, into language that involves characteristics like sexual preferences, gender, dress, age, experience, criminal record, etc.

The government or deep state exempted itself for positions “subject to any requirement imposed in the interest of the national security of the United States under any security program in effect pursuant to or administered under any statute of the United States or any Executive order of the President…”