Kentucky Prosecutor Looking Into Criminal Charges Against Lunatic Leftists Who Made Threats Against Covington Students — Isn’t It Time to Arm Teachers?

Leftists who have lost all ability to be rational due to advanced stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome took to Twitter — as usual — to denounce the Covington Catholic High kids wearing MAGA hats after scores of mainstream media (MSM) outlets falsely reported they harassed a Native American elder named Nathan Phillips.

Subsequent reporting and videos posted to social media correctly documented the fact that the Kentucky students who were in Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life demonstration did not confront Phillips, but rather he confronted them.

By then, however, the fake version of events had spread like wildfire, triggering perpetually offended Lefties who still can’t accept POTUS Trump’s election victory. But rather than merely spew their usual vitriolic trash, many of them actually made threats against the students, despite the fact that they had done nothing wrong. (Related: Catholic leaders dump all over their own youth to appease the lunatic Left… the truth no longer matters to the Church.)

The threats reached such a volume and level that Kenton County (Kentucky) prosecutor Rob Sanders felt the need to intervene. 

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