Mother of all White Flight to Hit NY Schools and De Blasio Pretends He Had Nothing to Do With it

New York is facing an educational disaster. Mayor Bill De Blasio’s socialist plan to end meritocratic entry to New York’s famed specialty schools – in performing arts, hard sciences, engineering, academic achievement – in the name of racial equality, is about to trigger a huge white flight. And not just white flight, Asian flight. Here’s an excellent report from New York Post columnist Karol Markowitz:

In a push to improve diversity at District 15 middle schools in Brooklyn, Mayor de Blasio last week approved a plan to remove admission standards at all of them.


The announcement of the changes featured some blatant doublespeak. “The District 15 middle-school diversity plan will remove screens from all middle schools and will prioritize 52 percent of sixth-grade seats for students from low-income families, English-language learners and students in temporary housing.” Got that? They will remove screens and replace them with other screens.

Ship of Fools: How a S... Tucker Carlson Best Price: $2.49 Buy New $9.31 (as of 10:25 EDT - Details) The removal of standards won’t just be academic. Schools that previously focused on music or the arts will no longer be able to audition students. Students who have dedicated their lives to learning to play the cello will be in classes alongside kids who have no interest in the arts at all.

Does that sound revolting or what?

Imagine being an Asian student or a parent out in some place like Queens and working hard as heck to get into one of these good schools as the kid’s ticket out of Archie Bunker land and being told the kid is not good enough, solely owing to his inability to ‘contribute’ to the racial balance. For him, it’s back to the crappy public schools with the mold and the tumbledown bricks, the beyond-ugly exterior, the metal gun-detector gates, the nasty bouncer security guards, the political correctness agenda, the subliterate union teachers with political connections, and the $100,000-a-year union janitors who don’t deign clean up a thing? Ugh. I’ve seen these places, they are revolting, you wouldn’t want to put any sort of kid there. New Jersey, here we come. Hello, Massachusetts, hello, Maryland.

It doesn’t take an idiot to know that that is what is going to happen, human incentives being what they are. If New York refuses to offer a quality education to its most motivated students, and insists on judging them solely on their color in order to virtue-signal to those who send their kids to private (and very white) schools, well, the kids will go Galt and their parents will pack up and move someplace else.

A huge shame, given the lustrous reputation these schools have had with merit-based admissions. It’s all about to go downhill.

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