Green Taxes and Yellow Vests: Global Awakening amid Climate Fearmongering

The Yellow Vest protests in France, now in their third week, have grabbed global attention. Though the French government suspended its fuel tax increase, the unrest continues.

France is not the only country to introduce taxes on fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Germany, Canada, and others have their own versions. To make matters worse, the Paris climate agreement threatens to prevent developing countries from using fossil fuels to lift themselves out of poverty. Are such actions justified in the name of the war against climate change?

Up to 30 years ago, no one would have predicted that developed countries would impose taxes on fossil fuel use, the source of energy that made them prosperous.

Now, taxes on carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels have not only become reality but also inspired widespread outrage from citizens. The Yellow Vest protests have spread to neighboring countries, echoing consumers’ unwillingness to pay exorbitant energy taxes to fight climate change. The Deliberate Corrupt... Tim Ball Best Price: $7.78 Buy New $10.22 (as of 09:20 EDT - Details)

Macron’s France, Trudeau’s Canada, and Merkel’s Germany have imposed taxes on carbon dioxide emissions and the use of fossil fuel. They argue that the taxes are necessary to curtail climate change.

Their reasoning is rooted in the United Nations-led collective climate alarmism movement, which aims to replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy sources—mostly wind and solar.

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)—which purports to be, and the mainstream media and most governments accept as, the most authoritative body on climate science and climate policy—recommends the course of action for world leaders on climate change.

Scientists associated with the IPCC contribute to its reports and recommendations. But most of their global temperature predictions—used to justify the taxes—have failed miserably in the past two decades.

Staunch climate alarmists like Michael Mann and senior climatologists like John Christypointed out that belief in a rapidly, and dangerously, warming world rested largely on IPCC’s faulty computer climate models.

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