Are YOU a Genius?

Quiz creator claims those who score full marks on this tricky general knowledge test boast a 'highly developed long-term memory'

While those with an IQ range of 90 to 110 are said to be of ‘average’ intelligence, anything above 140 officially puts you in the genius bracket.

And according to creator quiz master Terry Stein, those who pass his tricky test on Playbuzz with a perfect score boast a ‘highly developed long term memory’.

The 15-question quiz tests players’ historical, geographical and religious knowledge with tricky multiple choice answers.

Speaking about the lucky few who pass with flying colours, Stein said: ‘You have a remarkable memory.

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‘People take your opinion and advice seriously because they welcome your insight.

‘All in all, you have the qualities of a good geographer, and you probably want to travel for the rest of your life.’

Does that sounds like you? Then scroll down to take the test in full. The answers are at the bottom… so no cheating!

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