A Colonel Bogey Salute From Dodge to Uncle

While every other car company is doing its best to clap loudest for Stalin – building electric cars for which there is no real market (while pretending there is one or will be, just around the corner) in order to solve problems which don’t exist, but which will create problems that didn’t exist – Dodge has built the Redeye.

The only battery this thing has is the one which starts up the 797 horsepower supercharged 6.2 liter Hemi V8.

There is no place to plug it in.

You fill it up with the highest octane gas you can find.

Amazon.com $50 Gift Ca... Buy New $50.00 (as of 10:25 EDT - Details) You won’t have to wait long, either  – whether at the pump (less than five minutes) or getting to the next one. The Redeye – which has 90 more horsepower than the 707 horsepower Challenger (and Charger) Hellcat that sent countless caravans of metrosexual snowflakes into a cataleptic state or shaking and shivering to a therapist’s couch – will get you to 60 in even less than the regular Hellcat’s three seconds.

Punching holes in the ozone all the way.

Not really, of course.

Dodge isn’t sociopathic. Just not delusional.

And maybe just a little bit pissed.

The people in charge there know the only threat posed by powerful internal combustion engines – even ultra-powerful ones like the Redeye’s – is to the febrile neurosis of people who have been rendered neurotic by a relentless juggernaut of Fake News about vehicle emissions (almost nonexistent and no longer a problem vis-a-vis air quality since at least the mid-’90s) and also by the shibboleth of our era – “climate change” – which is being used as the catch-all pretext to corral and limit everything, including our mobility. Amazon.com $50 Gift Ca... Buy New $50.00 (as of 01:30 EDT - Details)

But never the mobility of our betters, which ought to tell you something about “climate change.”

Dodge also knows that people don’t need to have their palms greased with bribes (the polite term is “subsidy”) to buy cars like the Hellcat Redeye. They will beg dealerships to sell them one  – at full MSRP.

It is not necessary to mandate the production of Redeyes, either – or even run-of-the-mill Challengers and Chargers. There is profit there.

An honest one.

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