Progressive Neo-Confederates?

Greetings fellow neo-Confederates. You have been right all along. How do I know this? Hillary Clinton said so, and if the smartest woman in the world said it, then it has to be true. Of course, she did not directly call herself a “neo-Confederate,” but the progressives have rediscovered federalism and by default have vindicated every evil “neo-Confederate” in America.

Clinton sent a series of tweets defending the ability of the States to protect their citizens from evil right wing policies:

A reality of a Supreme Court with a right-wing majority is that the states are a new important front in protecting civil rights—especially the rights of the most vulnerable among us. Winning back state legislatures is also important in this last election before the 2020 Census. State legislatures redraw congressional districts every 10 years based on those numbers, and Democratic legislative majorities can shut down gerrymandering that disenfranchises voters. State legislature races are also a great way to make an impact as an activist. The budgets and walk lists are smaller than those of congressional races, so you can move the needle with a few volunteer hours or donations.

9 Presidents Who Screw... Brion McClanahan Best Price: $2.00 Buy New $7.72 (as of 06:00 EDT - Details) I thought States only destroyed civil rights? Seems Clinton is undermining the entire narrative of the Left, but it wasn’t so long ago when progressives used “think locally, act locally” to infiltrate and then dominate both major American political parties. It started at the bottom.

City zoning ordinances, direct democracy measures (recall, referendum, and initiative), prohibition, universal suffrage, universal healthcare, and a host of other “reform” policies originated in the States and found their greatest success there. And minorities in America are still better represented at the State and local level than in DC.

So are those who oppose the Cultural Marxists. States have been more effective than the central government in beating back the headlong rush into Leftist insanity. They have only been undermined by the Supreme Court.

With everyone jawing about a return to civility in American politics, we all should be reminded that American politics have never been civil. The solution was always federalism, the ability of the States to control their own “internal police.” The Constitution would not have been ratified had any “friend” of the document promised otherwise.

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