Forum of Fools

The New York Times has announced a forum to discuss democracy in the cradle of democracy, Athens, sometime in September of this year. It is as if the late John Gotti held a forum to discuss crime in Chicago, God rest his soul. Gotti committed crimes in order to live like a Sulzberger. Sulzberger commits crimes daily by slanting news and waging unremitting war on whites, Christians, and those of us who are attracted to the opposite sex.

In an advertisement for the upcoming forum in my hometown—as if we didn’t have enough problems already, as they say in Tel Aviv-on-the-Hudson—I noticed that “emerging democracies are backsliding into authoritarianism…” and other such slanders the Times publishes daily. This is a libel against Poland and Hungary, two nations that are resisting central control by Brussels and also telling illegal Africans to leg it back to their own continent.

But the reason I write this has nothing to do with the two best countries in Europe, which are both Christian as well as independent enough to tell the unelected capos in Brussels to shove it. I write because of the small print accompanying the advert: “The Times will bring together its senior journalists with business leaders, policy makers, and a broad variety of experts to debate and discuss the current state of democracy….”

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