Myth of a Nation

Galactic Imperium News Service (GINS) Special Report: Will Democrats and Republicans in America finally set aside their differences and save the world through the imperial aspirations of big government, a robust Presidential ruler and visionary leaders like Abraham Lincoln? Such are the much heralded promises made surrounding Dinesh D’Lousa’s most recent unveiling of his controversial film, Myth of a Nation: Can We Be Lied to About America A Second Time? 

Says D’Lousa’s website on Myth of a Nation: “Could you imagine a world with no massive surveillance state to keep us us safe? Or a world where the Empire of Washington D.C. wasn’t the first to drop nuclear weapons on civilian targets? If you can, you are not alone. At one time in America, through the dangerous actions, thoughts and legacies of people like Patrick Henry, John Calhoun, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler and Robert E. Lee, such a frightening place was almost created. But, thankfully, through a glorious imperialistic war where civilian cities were bombed, the press was silenced and Christians were persecuted, the light of Jeffersonianism was all but extinguished.”

At a recent gala event for the upcoming release of the film, D’Lousa noted that, “much to the delight of movie goers everywhere, Myth of a Nation will re-assert the claim that Abraham Lincoln is not only the savior of all humanity, but that Neo-Conservatives are on an enlightened path to a new world order where Manifest Destiny is fulfilled through Federal Reserve Banking and the Military Industrial Complex.”

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