LRC’s Best-Selling Books on Amazon for August 2018

1. The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East – Christopher Lee Bollyn

2. The Skyscraper Curse: And How Austrian Economists Predicted Every Major Economic Crisis of the Last Century – Mark Thornton

3. Zone 23 – C.J. Hopkins

4. UNION AT ALL COSTS: From Confederation to Consolidation – John M. Taylor

5. Prolonging the Agony: How The Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years. – Jim Macgregor

6. A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson & Roosevelt – John V. Denson

7. You Have the Right to Remain Innocent – James Duane

8. Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Times – Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

9. Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War. – Gerry Docherty

10. The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump – Gregg Jarrett

11. Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning – Andrei Martyanov

12. War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier – General Smedley D. Butler

13. The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice – Paul Craig Roberts

14. Battlefield America: The War On The American People – John W. Whitehead

15.  How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization – Thomas E. Woods 

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The War on Terror: The... Bollyn, Christopher Lee Best Price: $10.25 Buy New $14.99 (as of 12:25 UTC - Details) The Skyscraper Curse: ... Thornton, Mark Best Price: $10.95 Buy New $17.95 (as of 01:15 UTC - Details) Zone 23 Hopkins, C. J. Best Price: $16.72 Buy New $15.99 (as of 11:13 UTC - Details) UNION AT ALL COSTS: Fr... John M. Taylor Best Price: $15.87 Buy New $19.95 (as of 07:50 UTC - Details) Prolonging the Agony: ... Jim Macgregor, Gerry D... Best Price: $49.90 Buy New $46.93 (as of 10:47 UTC - Details) A Century of War: Linc... John V. Denson Best Price: $3.72 Buy New $8.50 (as of 07:45 UTC - Details) You Have the Right to ... James Duane Best Price: $1.85 Buy New $2.99 (as of 12:20 UTC - Details) Liberty or Equality: T... Erik Ritter von Kuehne... Best Price: $8.26 Buy New $13.68 (as of 05:45 UTC - Details) Hidden History: The Se... Gerry Docherty, Jim Ma... Best Price: $17.85 Buy New $20.84 (as of 10:05 UTC - Details) The Russia Hoax: The I... Jarrett, Gregg Best Price: $1.26 Buy New $7.01 (as of 04:10 UTC - Details) Losing Military Suprem... Andrei Martyanov Best Price: $22.43 Buy New $18.27 (as of 10:20 UTC - Details) War is a Racket: The A... Smedley Darlington Butler Best Price: $6.45 Buy New $3.79 (as of 03:45 UTC - Details) The Tyranny of Good In... Paul Craig Roberts, La... Best Price: $6.96 Buy New $8.95 (as of 07:10 UTC - Details) Battlefield America: T... John W. Whitehead Best Price: $10.95 Buy New $18.80 (as of 10:15 UTC - Details) How the Catholic Churc... Thomas E. Woods Best Price: $8.00 Buy New $9.06 (as of 05:30 UTC - Details) Gift Card i... Buy New $15.00 (as of 12:45 UTC - Details)