The Politics of Obedience

The Politics of Obedie... La Bou00e9tie's, u00c9... Buy New $2.99 (as of 04:00 UTC - Details) The mere existence of this book is amazing. It is hard to believe that any writer in 16th century France would write an essay against tyranny, including the existence of royalty but the work exists. It was lost for centuries but discovered, later translated and now available in book and ebook form.

This edition from 1975 has an introduction by Murray Rothbard which is almost as long as the work itself. It is occasionally discussed in libertarian circles. The odds are the reader of this review went looking for it after attending a seminar or reading a book rather than finding it by accident. If the prospective reader is not already looking for it, this obscure work is well worth the couple of hours it takes to read and consider it.