Survivor Who Refuses To Be A Victim: ‘You Can’t Make Excuses’

Following a creepy break-in that left her unsettled, Tomi Ledford changed her lifestyle, got some training, and got a gun. caught up with Ledford at the 147th National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in Dallas earlier this month and she took the time to share her story with us.

“I was coming home late with my 2-year-old daughter from visiting my mother’s house and we pulled up to the front of the house with the front door wide open,” said Ledford, whose husband, deployed to Afghanistan, was on the phone with her at the time listening in horror.

Her neighbor, who by chance heard the 911 call over his scanner, retrieved his gun and waited with the young mother for the police to arrive and clear the house. It was in the immediate aftermath that Ledford came across a disturbing find. While the expensive items you would expect to targeted in a burglary were still there, more ominous signs of a potential planned return visit were discovered.

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