Thank the Gods for President Mattis. Trump is Over

Last night’s strikes on Damascus could have been orders of magnitude worse than they were.  But, don’t let the MAGA crowd delude you into thinking that President Trump still has much, if any, control over the situation.  Most of those mouth-breathing morons have no clue as to how foreign policy is actually conducted and believe the lies about American hyper-supremacy in all things righteous and military.

They are wrong and so is Trump.  Thankfully, Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis stepped up to the plate and put a stop to the stupidity emanating from the White House and convinced Trump (or told him, most likely) not to start World War III over his limbic ab-reaction to an unknown situation.

I discuss this, the fallout and what things occur next in the next 45 minutes of livestreaming.  Enjoy.

Reprinted with permission from Tom Luongo.

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