Gear Review: Glock E-Trainer — Rack-Free Dry Fire For Noobs

Ever seen a new shooter frustrated by the need to rack the slide to practice the art of the trigger press? Now there’s a product to circumvent that chore so new shooters can concentrate on that, as well as the other fundamentals.  Meet the Glock E-Trainer.

This little widget is distributed in the States by It’s an extremely lightweight (think paperclip), W-shaped device that clamps onto the rear of a Glock slide. E-Trainers are model-specific; there’s one for every Glock except the 42. I’ve been using ones that fit models 19 and 43.

Amongst new shooters there are almost always some which find dry fire practice can be slightly detrimental when they get a loaded pistol in their hands, as the memory of racking the slide to reset the trigger becomes something of a habit. Yes, I’ve explained that the gun does that without human help when loaded, but in the avalanche of information that is my state’s concealed carry course, that little fact can be forgotten.

The view from the back of the E-Trainer. It doesn’t interfere with grip or slide manipulation. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/

I was pretty stoked when I read about the E-Trainer, thinking it would solve those slide-racking woes. Not so fast, said a company rep. Technology is good, but we’re not there yet. What this little clip does do is give the shooter a steady, constant pull weight from the front to the rear of a full trigger press. It’s repeatable with no other manipulation required.  What it doesn’t offer is any differentiation between slack, break, and reset.  It’s just a smooth press, of about five pounds by my rough estimation.

E-Trainer is short for easy trainer and any implications of the usual “electronic” inference of the letter E should be discarded. It’s strictly mechanical. Mechanical yes, and also easy.  Installation takes just a few seconds—lock the slide to the rear, and slip the outside branches of the device around the back of the slide.  The instructions say to close the slide gently, but I instead gave it a realistic rack many times over, and the E-Trainer stayed in place—a very good thing.

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