Best Tactical Belts For The Practical Prepper

The importance of a good belt is something that one doesn’t notice until it is an issue. Tactical belts allow you to keep your pants up, hands free, and keep some useful items close at hand. A tactical belt can be as simple as a webbed belt and buckle that you add holsters and attachments to as needed to a full belt that includes a lot of different carriers.

For a lot of preppers it is going to be best to get a base belt and add whatever pouches and carriers you need. Tools and devices can vary a lot in size and shape so a custom designed solution can be best. On the other hand, some of the belts that come with a lot of attachments already can be a good value and you can always remove some if needed.

What do you actually want to carry?

A lot of us have seen the extensive tool belts that law enforcement and security officers carry. As a prepper your load is probably going to be smaller. Here are some of the things that I think of when it comes to what a prepper would want on their tool belt. You might want all of these things or just a few depending on your own personal preference and situation. squaregarden Menu2019s... Buy New $8.59 (as of 11:25 EDT - Details)

  • Gun holster
  • Scabbard or holder for Knife or Knives. In some situations you might want a fixed blade and then a multi-tool for example.
  • Flashlight holster
  • Phone case
  • Radio holster
  • Keyring
  • A carabiner or two for various items

Don’t overload yourself

Remember that the idea of a tactical belt is to be useful. Just because you can fit a ton of things on your belt doesn’t mean you should. Weight is weight and a belt that is loaded down a lot can put strain on your lower back and increase your overall level of fatigue.

If you want to put a lot of items on your belt then think about ways to make the weight better distributed. A thicker belt with more padding may be best for those that want a lot of things on hand.

Measure your waist and hips

You want to get the right size the first time. You don’t want a belt that is so large that you have to wrap it around you more than once. On the other hand, you need to allow some play and make sure it is not too tight when you add the supplies you want to carry. Aiduy 1.5u2019 Tactica... Buy New $18.99 (as of 11:35 EDT - Details)

Sheaths and holsters that attach can make you have a bit less room to spare because you are adding some volume to the inner band. If you wear your belt lower than your natural waistline then you need to consider the measurement where you normally wear your belt.

Basic Web Belt

This is a popular style. I used to wear these a lot when I was younger. These belts are great because they are made to fit a wide range of waist sizes. During a survival situation your weight could easily fluctuate or you may simply lose a lot and keep it off from the increased workload.

Another bonus is that they are inexpensive. Having a few of these in your preps is an excellent addition to what you have to barter with others. Just because clothing is easy to get now doesn’t mean it will be during an emergency.

Aiduy Tactical Belt Heavy Duty Waist Belt Adjustable Military Style Nylon Belts with Metal Buckle Molle System 1.5″

This tactical belt is 1.5 inches wide and made of durable 1000D nylon webbing. The D ring buckle is designed to never open under load pressure so that means this is a belt that can support a lot of holsters and pouches. While belts are adjustable, this belt is made in sizes that only accommodates waists from 31-42.5 inches.

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