The South Was Right

The South Was Right! James Ronald Kennedy, ... Best Price: $5.10 Buy New $19.46 (as of 05:50 EST - Details) For most people educated in the public school system, this book will open your eyes to a whole new view of American history: the truth! Yes, there truly is another side and it’s been hidden from those who haven’t pursued the subject of American history in adulthood.

The truth does have a way of coming out for those who seek, and if you have an honest appreciation for American history, this book is sure to be on your favorites list. It’s a very well-documented record of why the South was right, and I think the writers have earned 5 stars for their persuasiveness alone.

As one who often reads history out of plain and simple interest and curiosity, I highly recommend this book. And if you’ve always suspected this title was true, read this book to find out why. I guarantee you will not be bored.

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