President Donald Trump’s Countdown To A Heart Attack

Calcium Arterial Score:




President Donald Trump’s transparent release of data from his recent health assessment reveals progressive calcification of coronary arteries that elevate the risk for a heart attack.

Even though this is common for someone of his gender and age (only 46% of other males have a lower score than the President), it is of concern since many males in his age group are able to maintain far lower calcification scores in their coronary arteries.

Cardiologist Melissa Walton-Shirley of Gallatin, Tennessee, speaking out at MedScape in 2014 says calcium arterial scoring is superior to an exercise stress test and 100% accurate for coronary artery disease (CAC).  A moderate increase in CAC (100-399) like President Trump exhibits is associated with an 80% greater likelihood of dying compared to males with a zero calcium score.

A zero CAC score is said to confer a “15-year warranty against coronary artery disease.”  Only about 2-3% of men age 70+ have zero calcium arterial scores.

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All risk assessments for a coronary artery disease are relative.  Even though a 1-10 CAC score is quite good, it still presents a 3-fold increased risk for future cardiovascular events (strokes and heart attacks) compared to a score of zero.

President Trump’s LDL cholesterol level was 143, above the desired 100 level.  President Trump is taking a 10-milligram statin drug to lower his cholesterol, according to a report in the New York Times.

Information provided by the University of Maryland Medical Center says: “cardiac calcium scoring is a better predictor of coronary events than cholesterol screening or other risk factors.”

A reason why modern medicine doesn’t give more weight to the CAC score over cholesterol is that CAC scoring could dramatically reduce the indiscriminate use of statin cholesterol-lowering drugs.  According to one authoritative study, patients with a zero calcium score may be able to safely skip statin drugs, which are liver toxins, and all their unwanted side effects.

The MESA risk calculator with President Donald Trump’s health numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, calcium arterial score) shows he has a 10% risk of experiencing a heart attack over a 10-year period.


Modern medicine doesn’t have drugs to reduce arterial calcifications, but Mother Nature does.  A review of the medical literature reveals that magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and rice bran IP6 are natural anti-calcifying agents.

According to the Vitamin D Council, based on general findings, keeping vitamin D levels above 30–40 nanograms/milliliter (75–100 nanomole/liter of blood) may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.  While studies involving vitamin D supplementation and coronary artery calcification have not been convincing, very low amounts of vitamin D were utilized (equivalent to less than 10 minutes of mid-day sunshine exposure).

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A recent report reveals public health authorities made a calculation mistake and under-estimated the amount of supplemental vitamin D needed to achieve blood levels recommended by the Vitamin D Council (75+ nanomole per liter of blood/30+ nanograms per milliliter/blood) by more than 10-fold and suggests adults supplement their diet with 8000-9000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3.

Vitamin K has been shown to significantly delay the development of CAC in a 3-year, double-blind, randomized controlled trial of 452 patients (229 patients on vitamin K1 and 223 patients in the control group).  Vitamin K2 supplementation slows the progression of coronary artery calcification.

Magnesium as a natural calcium blocker is also a natural anti-calcifying agent.

A supplement regimen that includes rice bran extract known as IP6 phytate (inositol hexaphosphate) is the best known way to reduce arterial calcifications.  In one animal study, IP6 reduced calcification of the aorta (1st blood vessel outside the heart) by 20-fold.  Supplementation of IP6 up to 1600 milligrams/day would be prudent for subjects with elevated coronary artery calcium scores.

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