Morticia, Vampira & Elvira

“Morticia, Vampira and Elvira – The unholy trinity of women of darkness. These three femme fatales have captured the wicked imaginations and nefarious fantasies of many generations. And like links in the chains they might use to restrain their victims, the stories of all three of these lecherous ladies are linked.”

This superb mini-documentary was forwarded to me by a long time colleague who noted:

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“Fun video on three pop characters I’m sure you know. I only have a couple of bones to pick with it. They say Addams Family’s Morticia was a pioneer sexy woman from sixties TV. C’mon the Gilligan’s Island girls had sex appeal too! Also they mention the actress who played Vampira played a bit part in a Bond movie. That may be so but the image they show is I think Jill St.John.”

I believe that the romantic relationship between Gomez and Morticia Addams was the most enduring and tender of any ever portrayed on network television. If you have never seen Ed Wood’s incomparable low-budget cult classic masterpiece, Plan 9 From Outer Space, take this opportunity to take in perhaps the worst movie ever produced.