Straight-Talk on Armed Self-Defense

Massad Ayoob is one of, if not the foremost trainers of armed self-defense today. Not only does he train citizens in how to shoot accurately and safely while under stress, half or more of his curriculum is devoted to the legal aspects of a self-defense shooting. His MAG40 class has been called “The one class to take if you can take only one.”

Straight Talk on Armed... Best Price: $13.11 Buy New $14.95 (as of 10:10 UTC - Details) In this book he has assembled an amazing group of fellow experts to address various aspects of armed self-defense, each of them covering areas that they are known as experts in. The synopsis covers that ground, so I won’t reiterate it; suffice to say, the average gun owner may not have heard of many or even most of the contributors to this book, but this is truly an all-star cast.

While two or more of these experts will be assembled in the same location, it’s usually for industry events. There are one or two annual training events that many of them will attend and present at together, but they are usually sold out well in advance, not to mention not widely advertised.

This book is a welcome substitute for those of us who would like to attend such an event but cannot, as well as an introduction to the deeper subjects of armed self-defense for the beginner.

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