Caste-ing Votes

Well, we knew it was coming. Have a lookNow, do we really think that Senator Elizabeth Warren actually cares about people well outside her caste? Of course not. We sit here in America and think we haven’t got a caste system, but we do. And Warren is in the top caste. So, her sympathy for the Untouchables is touching, but it’s so plastic that it’ll take 10,000 years to biodegrade.

Of course, this is all the beginnings of her run for president in 2020. We knew it was coming. I figured it would be her or Nancy Pelosi. Maybe both on the same ticket. As per usual, the Democrats couldn’t get in touch with the American people because they haven’t got the proverbial ten-foot pole they wouldn’t touch them with, either.

Be that as it may, no one worth the also proverbial plug nickel will be running in 2020. Because to run, you have to be in the right caste. That being the Politicians/Wall Street/Military Generals Caste. It used to be known as kings and priests in long ago days. As human society evolves, it takes on new iterations of the same-old-same-old and then imagines it has created something new of its own will. But because they have used the old ideas as the framework, they end up with the same net result, then cart this incarnation of illusion around with them and imagine it to be a new thing they themselves created. And, as a cart follows the horse, the same mistakes follow afterwards continually as it all rolls along.

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I suppose many will think, “Gosh, Warren should have run in 2016, so let’s elect her in 2020!” One never can know what the outcome would be of the mistakes one did not make, one can only lament the harvest of fruits borne by mistakes actually made. As we see right now. We will never know who was the lesser of the two mistakes, but that’s all water under the bridge at this point.

I fail to see how criticizing what a former president currently says tells us anything about the political astuteness of Elizabeth Warren. I suppose we could look back on what Millard Fillmore, James Polk, and Calvin Coolidge said and say, “Ah! See there! What these men said proves that my own party is out of touch with Americans!” One might even suppose this to be so, but we’d need to await a telegraph operator to cable the news to us. In other words, of what use is that past to us now, Liz? Barack Obama is now racing headlong into what we call “American history” to snuggle up to everyone from Gerald Ford to Jimmy Carter and await his own commemorative quarter and his visage plastered on other worthless currency we call American money.

I would imagine that Elizabeth Warren has her own aspirations to fiat currency immortality. That being, she wants to be president. Why else do these criticisms arise now? The Federal Government Pentagon Wall Street Caste has always been out of touch with Americans. That they were duped into voting in one from this caste in 2016 does not mean they had much of a choice to begin with. Because no one can run unless they come from this caste. They can’t afford to upset the very delicate “balance of power” which is the legal fiction they use to describe the caste system known as American politics and the economic structure which are mere Siamese Twins that share one brain.

If there really was some kind of non-caste system, they’d get presidential candidates similar to how they gather a jury pool. You’d open the mail one day and exclaim, “Aw, crap! I’ve been nominated to go up there and run for president! Dang it, there goes my fishing vacation!” See, they don’t mind you making the decision to send some poor soul to his death in the electric chair, but as to running this whole shebang? No, that’s simply not in your job description. Or, more accurately, your caste level.

I wonder where Warren shops for groceries and what she buys? That’d tell us a lot about how “in touch” she really is with us. I mean, if an apple costs $2.50 in this woman’s house, I don’t think she’s shopping over there at Bargain Dollar with the Un-presidential Caste. Let’s have a surprise news camera team show up at her house and ask to go through her pantry and fridge. Let them check the labels on her clothing. These things tell you a lot about where this person is at so far as being “in touch” with the Americans one usually calls to tow one’s car, save one’s life, flip the switch on the condemned, or go over to Syria and kill people to make the world safe for multinational corporations.

And people say I’m cynical! How so? How about the fact that presidents no longer have to suffer the teeming masses of worker ants protesting? They stash them at “Free Speech Zones” where they’ve done weather assessments to determine best dispersal methods for CS tear gas and pepper spray. That way, His (or Her) Grace need not even say, “Let them eat government cheese, uh, cake!” They can be safely whisked into the heavily armored limo and on to the next $25,000 per plate gala where he will regale everyone with how much he cares about his subjects. Then, perhaps, assassinate a couple people via drones before dessert. “Hold on, killing someone here…okay, done! Yes, I’ll have the Bananas Foster, please. Oh, and a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream in a separate bowl.”

Why else do you think they went to all that trouble to design a bunker complex where they could survive the nuclear war they’d start? Plus, it’s engineered so they can live down there 100 years. What, and emerge as the Morlocks, I suppose. These people saw that movie “The Time Machine” and said, “Say! That’s not a bad idea! Get me the people that built the ICBM silo complexes on the phone!” They’ll say to us, “Well! Someone has to govern after a nuclear war!” Govern WHAT, you morons?! Thousands of square miles of cinders and ash?! Did you know the IRS even has contingency plans to collect income taxes after a nuclear war? And the postal service has plans to deliver mail after a nuclear war. It is refreshing to know that after Doomsday, we will still get junk mail, fliers from Bargain Dollar, and campaign pamphlets to re-elect the Morlocks sitting in their bunker in Virginia.

Therefore, how can any of these Morlocks be at all considered “one of us”? Remember, the Morlocks ate the Eloi. Now, Americans like to think they’re not the Eloi, but they are. Which is why they all come running to the Morlocks whenever the Morlocks sound the alarm to be afraid of something. If it’s not the terrorists coming to get us, it’s the economy coming to get us. How come no one has seen the economy must, ergo, be a terrorist itself, then? I would say the smart thing to do is not encourage the economy in that case. It’s funding a terrorist and these politicians have accidently pointed this out to us.

Well, I’m sure we’ll see some real spiffy puns in the 2020 election. “Have 2020 vision! Vote for Morlock!” I bet they’re already hiring campaign workers. That’s the only growing sector of the economy: Political campaign workers.