Childish Things

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

1 Corinthians 13:11

I don’t know if one could describe the incident as a tempest in a teapot, but recently Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling dueled not with magic wands but with emotional, vulgar words against media figure Piers Morgan on Twitter:

J.K. Rowling‏ Verified account @jk_rowling.

@piersmorgan Would you like a couple of hours to mock up some pictures of refugees carrying explosives to substantiate your position?

Piers Morgan Retweeted J.K. Rowling

Everything I said was factual. If you think screaming ‘F**K OFF!!!’ at me changes that, then you’re mistaken.

J.K. Rowling Retweeted Piers Morgan

5:12 AM – 11 Feb 2017

The fact-free, amoral, bigotry-apologism of celebrity toady Piers Morgan is, of course, why it’s so delicious to see him told to f**k off.

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The superior, dismissive arrogance of rabid Remain/Clinton supporters like @jk_rowling is, of course, precisely why both campaigns lost.

5:06 AM – 11 Feb 2017

Son of Thunder: The Sp... Yvonne Lorenzo Buy New $12.00 (as of 06:25 EST - Details) Such is the quality of political discourse on Twitter. Tucker Carlson interviewed Morgan, who explained:

“And then they use the Hitler analogy. ‘Hitler didn’t kill all the Jews on day one’…I find this analogy of [President Donald Trump] being the new Hitler incredibly offensive…and that it diminishes the scale and importance and horror of what Hitler did…

“If you’re not prepared now to say [Trump] is the New Hitler and you’re not prepared to say every Muslim is banned from the country, you yourself then become the devil. And that’s what happened to me.”

In answer to Carlson’s question why Rowling is so angry, Morgan responded it’s because “She’s a serial loser. The more J.K. Rowling has screamed at people to vote in a certain way, the more her people have lost.” He cited her support for Hillary Clinton and Brexit as examples.

Rowling believed she won her argument against Morgan by Tweeting also on February 11, 2017:

@piersmorgan If only you’d read Harry Potter, you’d know the downside of sucking up to the biggest bully in school is getting burned alive.

Conservative commentator Loren Southern responded in a YouTube video that Rowling misses the point: Harry Potter is fiction and in her fictional world, the wizards take precautions to conceal and protect themselves from ordinary people who have no magic abilities, the “Muggles.”

However, one can observe the Harry Potter novels and see how art—even if dark and juvenile—imitates life. In fact, Ms. Rowling has Harry Potter and the D... J. K. Rowling Best Price: $4.41 Buy New $7.76 (as of 08:00 EST - Details) become very much like a character who was a villain: Delores Umbrage, who assiduously enforced the edicts of the corrupt Ministry of Magic. For those who are (dare I say blissfully?) ignorant of the Harry Potter world, this description is apt:

In the books and films, the wizarding courts have displayed at times, a marked lack of interest in evidence for or against a suspect, even relying on personal prejudice to decide the outcome as quickly as possible.[HP5] Not all of the accused are even given trials, as in the case of Sirius Black.[HP4] In Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry is shown to be quite prepared to decree and enforce draconian laws without notice. At times, the Ministry can also seem uninterested in solving serious problems, choosing instead to ignore or cover up bad news. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Fudge takes a long time to respond to the attacks on Hogwarts. In the fifth instalment, Fudge refuses to believe that Lord Voldemort has returned, despite mounting evidence. The Ministry even mounts a campaign to damage Harry Potter’s credibility, an effort fueled in part by Fudge’s self Inflicted persecutory delusions and paranoid fear that Albus Dumbledore wants his job.

Am I the only one to see the parallel between the press’s treatment of Donald Trump (although no angel), using disinformation and falsehoods, and the actions described in the series of books by the Wizard government, embodied in the ministry, using their press to spread lies against Harry Potter? In the denouement of the series, the Ministry of Magic “reaches a nadir of corruption before being effectively taken over by Lord Voldemort,” the villain of the series. And what is Voldemort’s modus operandi in the series finale? He establishes a totalitarian police state.

Does this sound familiar to readers aware of the New World Order?  Consider these headlines and the details provided in the articles: The Cloak of Freya: Th... Yvonne Lorenzo Buy New $14.00 (as of 06:25 EST - Details)

Rowling as an author was skeptical of the power of the state and thus its vulnerability to corruption of the worst kind. Yet now, Rowling herself is an apologist and booster of the totalitarian globalist state and the forces behind them whose motives for promoting mass migration are not compassion for the refugees: if the Ruling class running the states had compassion, they’d never have allowed the wars that created them.

To Rowling, Soros is perhaps a “philanthropist” but by his deeds, I believe he bears a passable likeness to Voldemort—without the looks and charm. As to the consequences of mass migration to Europe, see Manion writing on Lew Rockwell on the fringe benefits of migration in Germany:

Merkel shouts “Russia!”—but many Germans think otherwise. In countless cities, German fathers have to insist that their daughters be home before dark. Just to be safe, many German girls of rapeable age (that’s about 6 to 86) have begun wearing headscarves, so as not to arouse the righteous rage of the refugees’ self-appointed Sharia Police who, when provoked, often punish those scarf-less lawbreakers with assault, molestation, and rape.

Merkel’s police are no better than the Sharia Force. When refugee assaults and rapes occur, the police and politicians do their best to hide them—often with orders from on high, often from mere exhaustion. When one woman in northern Germany was sexually assaulted and saved by a passerby, the two chased her assailant to a nearby “Refugee Detention Center.” There they identified the felon, but the police initially refused to charge him. “It will come to nothing,” the investigator told them. The Harry Potter And The O... J.K. Rowling Best Price: $2.30 Buy New $6.00 (as of 05:45 EST - Details) passerby insisted so strenuously that the prospective rapist was finally charged and convicted.

Or see Vincent De Large on Sweden and diversity:

Visitors to Sweden have remarked that it resembles a third world country in some places. And only alternative media voices even dare to speak out on the topic. Donald Trump may have made a gaff, but he was absolutely right about the situation in Sweden. The lying media has no shame and is complicit in covering up the greatest immigration debacle in living memory. The situation in Sweden will continue to worsen, and this will no doubt be a topic of much media controversy going forward. In fact the scale of the lie is so vast and shocking that it may be the straw that broke the media’s back. Non-white immigration into Sweden has irrevocably damaged the country.

From Lew Rockwell, I found Taki’s position on immigration and quality of life:

Japan has low crime, even lower immigration, a homogeneous population, and always a great respect for the old and the traditional. In other words, the direct opposite of what Europe and the West stand for. More Europe means more immigration and more crime and more alienation…

Good manners and respect are the answer to a civil society, not inclusion and diversity.

This news posted on the Daily Mail the last week of February:

The memo was discovered by the Quilliam Foundation and its chief executive Haras Rafiq revealed cannibalism was on the Harry Potter and the C... J. K. Rowling Best Price: $0.99 Buy New $5.99 (as of 05:45 EST - Details) curriculum.

He said if there are no food supplies available during what they describe as a time of jihad, terrorists were encouraged to kill non-Muslims or Muslims who do not share their version of Islam for food.

Practicing Muslim Mr Rafiq said he found the discovery utterly revolting, and that their most horrific finding was that cannibalism was being taught in classrooms.

Would Rowling say that they are humanitarians who want only to serve man?

J.K. Rowling is certainly free to express her inelegant, vulgar opinions and defend “migration” but in so doing, she is taking a position that results in human suffering only a Voldemort would approve. And given the monstrous actions of so many refugees which prompt fear and loathing in the native-born populations, how is migration beneficial to them? How will this end in peace and harmony? I don’t see life becoming a Harry Potter novel.

Has anyone seen a J.K. Rowling “tweet” against the U.S. led invasion of Middle Eastern nations, demolishing them and creating millions of refugees? Did J.K. Rowling tweet in outrage against the persecution and murder of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria? Perhaps she did; I admit I don’t follow her but color me skeptical.

Recently in the news there were headlines on people using black magic to attack Trump; here is one such article:

A Global Alliance Of Witches Plans To Cast A ‘Binding Spell’ On Trump And His Supporters Every Month During The Crescent Moon

At the stroke of midnight on Friday, a global alliance of thousands of witches plans to cast a “binding spell” on Donald Trump and all of his supporters. This event is being spearheaded by some very prominent members of the witchcraft community, but it has also attracted the attention of a wide range of other people that are into the dark acts. Under the crescent moon, a very strange ritual will be performed at locations all across America and all around the world once the clock strikes midnight. And those organizing this event plan to keep it going once a month until Donald Trump is removed from office.

While there was no tweet from Ms. Rowling attacking these practitioners of the dark arts—delusional though they may be—neither was there support; for that we can be grateful. Years ago, Rowling had her wise wizard Dumbledore say: “It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Sadly, Rowling’s choices now are telling. Like Saint Paul, I believe the time has come for adults of conscience to “put away childish things”—including their creators.