Does Angela Merkel Hate Donald Trump?

Sure seems like it. Already, President Trump has unmasked countless subterfuges that Merkel has foisted on Germans, the EU, and the world.

When confronted with the horrific results of Merkel’s policy that still welcomes massive “refugees” from Muslim countries, her diplomats and foreign agents in Washington quickly change the subject: “Russia! Russia! Russia!” they scream. Germans are worried about Russia, they insist, not the roaming bands of foreign rapists, assailants, and terrorists that are ravaging the country and rapidly changing its cultural fundamentals for the worse.

Merkel shouts “Russia!” – but many Germans think otherwise. In countless cities, German fathers have to insist that their daughters be home before dark. Just to be safe, many German girls of rapeable age (that’s about 6 to 86) have begun wearing headscarves, so as not to arouse the righteous rage of the refugees’ self-appointed Sharia Police who, when provoked, often punish those scarf-less lawbreakers with assault, molestation, and rape.

Merkel’s police are no better than the Sharia Force. When refugee assaults and rapes occur, the police and politicians do their best to hide them – often with orders from on high, often from mere exhaustion. When one woman in northern Germany was sexually assaulted and saved by a passerby, the two chased her assailant to a nearby “Refugee Detention Center.” There they identified the felon, but the police initially refused to charge him. “It will come to nothing,” the investigator told them. The passerby insisted so strenuously that the prospective rapist was finally charged and convicted.

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His sentence? The assailant was moved to another detention center.

Depending on his country of origin, his punishment back home would have ranged somewhere between being congratulated by a crowd of cheering compatriots and a crowd of patriots cheering his ceremonial beheading.

Does Angela Merkel hate Donald Trump? Well, that might explain why her state-owned and –operated broadcasting service, Deutsche Welle, constantly attacks the American president and regurgitates the Fake News of our own leftist opposition media. This is especially pernicious because the attacks are disguised as “educational.” German language and literature is beloved throughout the cultural world, and Deutsche Welle pretends to feed the genuine hunger for that language felt by serious students everywhere. Goethe, Rilke, Hesse – imagine the excitement of reading them in the original! (Forget trying that with Kant: German students read him in English translation, allowing the translator to explain to them the gibberish of the original).

The German language is beloved worldwide. So Merkel’s mouthpieces send podcasts every day with their version of the “news” in German, delivered at a slower pace for the ear of the foreign student – and it’s all fake news.

Want to hear about the crimes of the “refugees”? Their manipulation of the generous welfare system paid for by their victims? The government’s policy of studied ignorance and inaction? The fact that the refugee population is inordinately composed of young, able-bodied men with money? Or the mosques that are springing up to satisfy their hunger for religion and the intricacies of Sharia Law?

Not on Deutsche Welle. No, there you will hear the Billionaire Blogs, plagiarized.

You won’t hear that the New York Times is the mouthpiece of Mexico’s richest billionaire; instead: “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

Or that the Boston Globe and the Washington Post are also pets of billionaires seeking a welcome distraction from their workaday world.

No, you’ll be told, in professionally enunciated German, that Trump’s supporters are “ultrarecht” – ultra-right – which in Germany means Hitler, of course (yes, their ideological left is as stupid as ours, never daring to mention that Hitler was a National Socialist).

You’ll hear that the standard for human rights in the U.S. is the SPLC, a hate group whose “hate map” prompted a domestic terrorist attack on a pro-life group in Washington that was miraculously thwarted when a wounded guard was able to wrestle to the ground the armed terrorist who had planned to murder dozens of the organization’s employees.

With story after story, Deutsche Welle channels the venting of the Fake News usual suspects, never labeling them as the “ultralinks” – ultra-left – organs that they are.

If Angela Merkel hates Donald Trump, perhaps she feels that way not about him alone, but all Americans who support him.

Consider: Trump demands that Germany pays its fair share of NATO expenses, that it puts its trade with the US on a level playing field, and that other EU and NATO countries do the same.

His policies threaten the EU’s elites to the bone.

Trump’s very existence is anathema to Merkel and Europe’s Left. His criticism of our own bureaucracy threatens the credibility of the European Union’s own over bloated version, where his championing of Brexit elicits mortal fear. He mocks the notion of “Climate Change,” a myth which Merkel embraces with an almost religious fervor. His championing of the common man is quickly translated into populism “like Hitler” – a charge made on the occasion of Trump’s inauguration by that religious champion of the downtrodden, Pope Francis – who, of course, doesn’t hate Trump. After all, a pope can’t hate anybody – right?

Trump’s insistence on vetting all foreigners who want to come to the United States makes Europeans wonder, “Hey, why aren’t we doing that?” His defunding of the abortion lobby at home and abroad flies in the face of the EU’s desperate attempt to use abortion to control the fast-growing populations of Third-World regions, while European birth rates are plummeting so quickly that they invite virtual and voluntary extinction within a couple of generations. With every passing day, Trump gives Americans new reasons to support him and gives the opposition press and Merkel’s lackeys new reasons to hate him.

Merkel was born in Communist East Germany, after all. And maybe she hates Trump because, deep down, she was taught there to hate America.

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