11 Essential Spring Cleaning Products

Dreading spring cleaning? Don’t worry: These products will make your house sparkle in no time.


The Scrub Daddy is no ordinary sponge—and that’s not just because of its smiling face. The scrubber alternates between soft and rigid, depending on the temperature of the water you rinse it with. Gently wipe down dishes with a soft, warm sponge, or tackle harder stains with a colder, harder sponge. The product is the darling of Shark Tank, and it currently holds the title of being the top performing item from the show. In fact, if Bon Appétit is to be believed, it’s the only Shark Tank product worth buying.

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Scrub Daddyu00ae, The ... Buy New $11.14 (as of 02:35 EST - Details) Anyone with a light colored carpet knows the struggle of keeping it clean. This rug rejuvenator scrubs more vigorously than you could ever do by hand. It has two sets of rotating bristles that massage the carpet shampoo into the fibers. Once the shampoo dries, the crystals and dirt can all be easily vacuumed up. The simple cleaning process gives a deep and balanced clean that will make your carpet look and feel brand new.


Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and cables with a completely wireless vacuum. This popular Dyson vacuum is battery powered and runs on a digital V8 motor that can last up to 40 minutes. The powerful vacuum is great for getting dirt that’s deeply wedged into corners and carpets, and you can even remove the handle and use the smaller handheld option for harder-to-reach areas.


The Swiffer Wet Jet is an improved version of the already beloved Swiffer mop. Similar to its predecessor, the flexible mop has a special, disposable pad that dirt clings to. What sets the Wet Jet apart is the battery-powered stream of cleaning solution that you can expel with the push of a button. As you might expect, wet floors are much easier to clean, and the cleaning solution leaves a refreshing smell.

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Once you’ve finished sweeping, getting the pile into a dustpan can prove to be a bit of a problem. This unique dustpan aims to make the process somewhat simpler by removing the handle. Instead, the device has a spot for your foot to keep it in place while you sweep in debris. And as a bonus, it even has a little comb on the side to clean out the broom when you’re finished.


Getting caked-on food off of the inside of a microwave is going to need more than just a sponge and some elbow grease. Use this “angry mama” cleaner to help loosen up the gunk first. Simply fill it with water and a bit of vinegar and microwave. The steam from the head will soften the splatters and help remove any funky odors.

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