Reasons Why Michael Flynn Was Fatality #1 in the Trump Presidency Takedown

The alternative press tends to view the ruling elite as one monolithic centralized amalgamation of robber baron bankers and oil moguls personified by a handful of elitist bloodlines like the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, together wielding near-absolute power over all their Fortune 500 corporate monopolies (including the 6 mega media giants for 90% optimal information control) as well as national oligarchic governments (through legalized bribery) as a means to further enslave and micro-control the global masses. Though this world-view may largely be accurate, it fails to take into account the not so nuanced dynamic presently rearing its ugly head, manifesting as splintered, behind-the-scenes fractionalization of deep state politics into two warring camps with largely, blindly ignorant followers.

Each ideological camp, the Trump/right wing supporters and the Obama-Clinton/left wing supporters, has legions of foot soldiers ready to fight the second civil war. They’ve largely fallen prey to the elite’s divide and conquer trap. The bottom line reality is regardless of who or what party occupies the White House, the same controlling interests that select and finance the two major party candidates are still pulling the puppet strings whichever one is placed in power. In other words, every American president over the last half century has served the diabolical elite, and not the people. And the last president that tried to serve the American people was murdered.

That said, there are real differences between two factions currently operating within deep state America that are battling for upper hand control right now. Just before last year’s election, psychiatrist and former longtime state department operative Steve Pieczenik, representing one faction within deep state, took his message to the public through a series of YouTube videos disclosing that the Clinton camp was involved in a soft coup but that he was part of a countercoup unfolding to deny the Clinton-Obama-Bush dynasty a la the CIA-MSM-Soros faction was eager to anoint Hillary president. Steve’s faction is comprised of both active and retired members of the intelligence community along with honest elements within the FBI and NYPD that discovered the trove of criminal evidence on disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop, forcing the FBI Director Comey’s decision to reopen the Hillary investigation a couple weeks prior to the election. What resurfaced then was the fact that both Hillary and Bill were frequent flyers – together and separately – aboard the infamous Lolita Express to their convicted pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean sex slave island mansion where each as pedophiles allegedly indulged their sexual perversions with captive minors, including one compromising photo depicting Hillary and Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, Hillary’s 20-year “personal” aide, apparently caught in a sexual act with an underage female.

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The Pieczenik faction of intel operatives was also responsible for the simultaneous release of Hillary and John Podesta emails to WikiLeaks that directly led to the Pizzagate scandal, further exposing the Clinton involvement in an international child sex slavery trafficking ring allegedly operating out of Comet pizza parlor along with a block of other businesses in upscale northwest Washington. The Podesta brothers’ pedophile obsession and their connection to GQ’s 49th most important person in DC, Comet pizza owner James Alefantes, and his array of incriminating murals, photos of young children and perverse captions found on his social media website, all reveal a more than passing case of circumstantial evidence that the most egregious crimes against children were likely committed a short distance from the White House that even implicate the likes of Obama and Soros.

Last November thousands of internet sleuths were feverishly investigating the scandal on Reddit when suddenly the “Pizzagate” subreddit was conspicuously shut down not wanting to enable a “witch hunt.” So the throngs of internet detectives simply switched over to to continue working to piece together the crime of the century. Since then more incriminating evidence has sprung up worldwide that both reflects the profound reach of the global epidemic as well as validating that Washington DC and vicinity remain a trafficking ring hub. The Clintons have connections to Haiti child trafficking.

For a perspective on how sex trafficking is skyrocketing in the US, in 2003 there were only 17 arrests for sex trafficking. In 2012 there were 567. Two weeks ago a statewide sting operation in California arrested 474 suspects in child sex trafficking. Behind drug trafficking, human trafficking is the second most lucrative income for organized crime at $150 billion per year, and four of five victims are trafficked for sexual slavery. The evolving and expanding PedoGate scandal is far from going away as many cynics predicted it would.

In early December at the height of the citizens’ Pizzagate movement uncovering what the FBI higher-ups refuse to make public, the likely false flag lone gunman was suddenly firing off a couple rounds inside Comet, designed to show how “fake news” drives unstable types over the edge. Several weeks earlier retired General Michael Flynn was selected as President-elect Trump’s National Security Advisor. Right after the Comet gunman incident, Flynn’s son MichaelJunior, who works closely with his father, tweeted that the Pizzagate scandal was for real:

Until Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story. The left seems to forget the Podesta emails and the many “coincidences” tied to it.

The implicit message was that the Trump administration would be willing to thoroughly investigate the matter. Trump distanced himself, firing junior from his transition team, and of course MSM mocked Flynn and his father as a liability. The mainstream fakers scorn anyone taking Pizzagate seriously as a tin foil conspiracy nut. Up till then Pizzagate had been strictly an amateur internet affair, rarely covered by even alternative news. Growing fear of being blacklisted for censorship, facing potential slander and defamation suits, compounded by Obama’s December signing of legislation tagging legitimate alt news as Russian propaganda caused few sites to dare publish any serious inquiry into Pizzagate. Some took the view that it may well be a psyops designed by deep state to discredit independent news and internet social media as confirmation of “fake news.” Flynn’s twitter statement raised hope that indictments and arrests under the Trump Department of Justice may be forthcoming, especially with the so-called “smoking gun” evidence that law enforcement found on Weiner’s laptop.

The sore losers behind the Hillary-Soros deep state that just brought down Trump’s national security advisor vowed to retaliate in full force against Trump and Pieczenik’s “countercoup” that enabled Donald Trump to become the 45thPOTUS. The left’s subversive desperation tactics in concentrated doses were disbursed between November 9th and January 20th, deployed by the Hillary faction on multiple fronts in order to unhinge and delegitimize Trump from ever becoming president.

First came the Soros-funded riots erupting in cities across America immediately following Election Day. Then the feeble Hillary shill Jill Stein’s tristate recount fizzled out fast, then the scores of death threats against Electoral College voters went nowhere, and finally with Obama, Homeland Security and CIA Director John Brennan false claim yet again recycling the worn out, never proven lie was promoted that Putin had interfered with and stolen the election for Trump. All the low blow attempts to derail the Trump presidency failed miserably.

Amidst speculative media hype right up to Inauguration Day of a Trump assassination thinly veiling many people’s wishful thinking, yet more Soros-funded riots in DC and around the country were staged along with the anti-Trump women’s march. The “not my president” crowd is determined to make sure Trump is unsuccessful as the elected American leader, unable to ever “drain their swamp.”

Enter phase 2 of the left’s coup against Trump once he took office. It quickly became clear that the Clinton-CIA-MSM deep state establishment had only just begun to fight their long war against the Trump presidency. The anti-Trump coalition Democrats tried to stall and sabotage congressional approval of virtually every one of his cabinet nominees, leaving numerous government departments without cabinet posts filled. Trump claims it’s taking the longest in presidential history although a fact check says no.

Trump opposition forces have also conspired to engage in ongoing career assassination attempts in order to dismantle his administration, first picking off those posing the biggest threat to deep state establishment. Initiating the Trump team dismemberment this week was the successful removal of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn by Monday night. What we have here is a clandestine operation between two enemy camps in deep state America with one camp’s overt, over-the-top objective to overthrow through any means necessary the other camp that happens to be the standing government.

I’m in no way a Trump fan by any stretch, having pointed out in several articles how he rose to power as an anti-globalist during his campaign, but so far as president, he’s only proven to be committed to making American globalists richer. Surrounding himself with money monsters, earth pillagers, and embattled war generals, Donald Trump is a guaranteed boon for more war for the Greater Israel Project and the military security complex, central banksters and earthly rapists, an unholy trinity that is the only profiteers of imperialistic Empire aggression. As far as improving the lives of America’s poor and middle class, or life on the planet in general, forget it. We’re headed straight for disaster. But Trump’s coalition of enemies and their clandestine operations to sabotage and destroy his presidency is far more insidiously abominable for humanity than Trumpism. The president needs to get tough and push back on those bent on destroying him.

The remainder of this presentation will examine the not-so-covert methodology by which treasonous elements within the political and intel establishment are teaming up with the likes of the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN to pull off a coup right before our very eyes against the Trump administration. Whereas the Pieczenik’s camp resorted to exposing the truth to make sure Hillary was not elected, the anti-Trump insurgency is engaging in a witch hunt made of pure lies, distortions, and innuendos in order to destroy Trump and his innermost circle.

Instead, Trump, the tough guy’s knuckling under to deep state pressure. On Wednesday he tweets:

Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?4:42 AM – 15 Feb 2017

Sadly and pathetically, it sounds straight from the mouth of a neocon, or Obama, Clinton, or Nikki Haley, his UN ambassador last week… same as the old boss. Russia had every right to annex Crimea. The US had no right to overthrow the democratically elected Kiev government three years ago and install a corrupt neo-Nazi puppet regime and support its ethnic cleansing in Donbass. WWIII here we come.

In December deep state surveillance illegally captured at least one wiretapped conversation between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and then handed it over to reporters at the Washington Post who then ran with the false narrative that Flynn compromised himself for potential blackmail. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee believes it’s the FBI that illegally tapped Flynn’s phone. Regarding the content of that conversation, Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake stated:

One White House official with knowledge of the conversations told me that the Russian ambassador raised the sanctions to Flynn and that Flynn responded that the Trump team would be taking office in a few weeks and would review Russia policy and sanctions. That’s neither illegal nor improper.

If that’s all that transpired regarding the topic of sanctions, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with how Flynn handled the conversation, despite those latest Obama imposed sanctions being groundless based on the bogus lie that Russia influenced the election. Apparently later when Flynn briefed Vice President Pence, Flynn allegedly failed to specify that he’d discussed the sanctions, at least that’s the official administration line. In his resignation letter, Flynn stated that he “inadvertently” misled Pence, who only learned the truth after the Washington Post on February 9th specified that Flynn had discussed the sanctions. This plants the toxic seed of mistrust in the vice president, knowing now that the president knew on January 26th but also chose not to disclose to Pence. Deep state has already destroyed Trump.

Trump opposition forces are now on the warpath. Acting Attorney General at the Justice Department, Sally Yates who Trump recently fired for refusing to enforce the Muslim ban, claims that she told Trump nearly three weeks prior to Flynn’s resignation about his loose lips sinking ships through potential Russian “blackmail.” Trump’s apparent sitting on it gifted his enemies even greater power to now seek retribution.

Had this been any other administration at any other time, it would have simply been business as usual. Flynn was merely doing his job as the president-elect’s national security advisor, making preparatory contact according to protocol with the Russian ambassador he’s known for some time and will continue having regular contact with as part of his job description. But the Trump destroyers are now turning it into another mini-Watergate mired in the minutiae of asking when he knew and why he failed to respond.

Like always the fake news machine twists in doublespeak everything into something criminal, a violation of the Logan Act of 1799 that prohibits any private citizen from attempting to influence US foreign policy. Rather than adamantly defend his advisor, Trump threw him under the bus. The president should have exposed the conspiratorial, undemocratic truth that this is a very dangerous precedent of a hostile takeover when an intelligence agency colludes with a hostile media to illegally ambush Flynn as part of their deep state war against the standing president. If anything, the FBI should be punished. After delaying, Trump caved under the pressure, sending his national security advisor packing and his press secretary explaining that an internal lapse of “trust” resulted causing Flynn’s resignation after less than a month on the job. Trump has just been punked by his enemy and it will only get worse from here on out.

Now with Trump on the ropes, his opponents are smelling blood. More intelligence leaks are allegedly arriving from a Western European ally working with US intelligence, claiming that Trump and administration officials have been communicating with Russian intelligence. Here we go again. According to the reports, Trump’s alleged Russian business associates may be Kremlin agents, insinuating that the Russians may be attempting to entice Trump into destabilizing the NATO alliance. This of course only fuels yet more hysteria about Russian aggression. An unnamed Baltic country is expressing fear that if Empire gets closer to Russia, that its own sovereignty will be in danger from big bad Russia. With Flynn gone, now they’re honing in on what they’re hoping to be the fatal blow against Trump, ready to deliver the knockout punch to his presidency… the smoking gun and brass ring all wrapped up in one.

Today’s “revelations” reveal that the Western European intelligence sources began monitoring the contact between Trump and Russia back in August. This entire last year these same kinds of accusations have been hurled at both Trump and Putin repeatedly and yet not once has any real solid evidence ever been presented to back up the claims. Since they knew Trump was making public comments about disbanding NATO while they observe this “evidence,” why then didn’t they come forth earlier? Hillary would have likely won. No doubt they’d feel much safer with her because she always promoted war with Russia. It seems that all those EU vassals want war. The planetary controllers desire a global war. All this sounds all too familiar, like more recycled propaganda demonizing Russia. The enemies’ need to take out Trump apparently knows no bounds, all because he may actually prefer peace and cooperation with Russia. To drive home its most punishing chastisement, Newsweek remarked that:

The United States is now in a situation that may be unprecedented – where European governments know more about what is going on in the executive branch than any elected American official.

The Newsweek hit piece goes on to mention Trump’s business interests in the Philippines, where Duterte has demanded that US Empire military leave his country as he seeks closer ties with China. And for that defiance, now Duterte is demonized as a bloodthirsty killer on a rampage, “murdering thousands of suspected drug dealers in the streets.” It’s always the same old story. If you succumb to Empire demands, you get the full imperialistic exploitation and theft of your most precious resources. But if any nation has the courage to be independent and oppose the rape of their country, they’re in the crosshairs for the next coup, assassination, piled on economic sanctions, a proxy war or US invasion.

Returning to the actual reasons why Flynn was let go, perhaps the most obvious and sinister reason is, as touched on earlier, Michael Flynn and his son were very serious about helping Trump drain the swamp of sickos like the Clintons and their worldwide child sex slave trafficking ring. Proof of why Flynn was targeted for neutralization comes immediately from Hillary’s former deputy assistant secretary of state Philippe Reines, who tweeted less than 24 hours after Flynn’s resignation:

Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr.,

What goes around Comets around. And given your pizza obsession…

The link is to a listing of Domino’s Pizza jobs. In response, Hillary promptly tweeted, her link meant to rub it in, sending Philippe’s retweeted message to Trump’s Chief of Staff:

Philippe’s got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news…

This pretty much says it all. Flynn was targeted for wanting to put pedophiles in prison just like Andrew Breitbart was likely murdered for outing John Podesta’s pedophilia less than a year before he died. Pretty brazen of Hillary considering that last week the Globe tabloid ran a headline claiming that Hillary was caught attempting to leave the US for extradition-free Bahrain while her hubby is allegedly singing more dirt on her to the authorities.

In recent weeks the PedoGate scandal has resurfaced with those 474 suspects busted in the humongous child sex trafficking raid in California a couple weeks ago. Earlier this month an FBI insider leaked that 70 warrants have been signed by the recently sworn in Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This week Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky’s son was arrested, joining his predator father behind bars. The first round of arrests occurring now are targeting those relatively minor ring operatives that recruit children as slavery trafficking victims. The expectation is that they will spill the beans, revealing the identities of that higher-up the predator food chain. According to the insider, major high profile politicians will soon be rounded up and arrested in the Washington and New York trafficking ring sweep.

Knocking out a major player in Trump’s quest to bring justice to the pedophile network sitting at the top of the power pyramid is also designed to send a loud and clear message to Trump, warning him he’d better back off from any further efforts to drain the powerful sickos from their swampy DC cesspool.

Another major reason for Flynn’s downfall is because he’d pissed off Obama and his CIA rogue renegades several years earlier when the director of Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency. The then General Flynn strongly opposed their plan to arm, train and back the jihadist terrorists in Syria that soon became known as ISIS. Under Secretary of State Clinton and Obama, these terrorists were their go-to proxy ally in their Assad regime change war. Aware of the dangerous potential if this group’s intention to become an Islamic State caliphate across the Middle East came to fruition, General Flynn objected to the Hillary-Obama-CIA scheme to back their Frankenstein creation that would overnight become the world’s largest terrorist organization, spreading fear and death beyond Syria to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and all points beyond.

The same CIA that helped produce the terrorists’ YouTube videos, cutting throats of Christian children and executing Western journalists circulating globally to a shocked world also became the prime suspects for the Flynn leak that vengefully ousted him from the Trump administration. After Obama fired the general for daring to confront him with the nightmare that soon came true, Michael Flynn was among Trump’s earliest and most fervent loyal supporters throughout his ascendancy from presidential candidate to president. After being fired by one president, his stint with another lasted little more than three weeks.

Trump likely ditched Flynn without fighting to keep him because Trump learned of his conversation with the Russian ambassador only six days into his administration. Several days later Flynn was demoted from the daily National Security Council briefings in favor of promoting the Rasputin of the inner Trump circle, aka Steve Bannon. To relegate the national security advisor, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman and director of national intelligence to an as-needed basis from the daily National Security Council meetings, while replacing them with Trump’s two political hacks, the chief political strategist and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is unheard of, and a surefire way to over-politicize US national security as well as foreign policy.

Another all too obvious reason Flynn’s gone is he had designs along with Trump to reign in and remove the rogue elements of the CIA from power. Both he and Trump agreed that the CIA has become too politicized. And of course, despite visiting the CIA headquarters on his first full day on the job, delivering much praise to the rank and file personnel, Trump hasn’t forgotten how they are the deep state enemy that’s undermined him from the political get-go. Trump was planning to utilize Flynn’s long experience in military intelligence in making him his point man on restructuring and downsizing the organization.

Since its post-WWII inception, the CIA has been allowed to operate as the elite’s private mafia around the world with virtually total impunity, no oversight and an unlimited black budget engaging in genocidal purges, countless assassinations, coups, economic hitmen extortion, handlers of state-sponsored terrorism, Empire divide and conquerors, mass mind and media control, and the principle crime syndicate running the illegal international drug smuggling operation and money laundering to augment its already off the books blacker budget. And as alluded to already, over the last year and a half the CIA has played the role of the major antagonist at every turn, attempting to destroy Trump’s political ambitions. You might say that both the president and national security advisor had an axe to grind from clashing with intelligence community leadership and subsequently planned to shake the CIA tree to cut loose the most rotten, bloated apples representing the longtime entrenched, largely counterproductive deep state. But it appears that their enemies struck the first blow and General Flynn is their first fatality.

Flynn’s loss is a major blow that only further weakens an already weak, disorganized and erratic Trump presidency and emboldens the lethal power of the deep state to aggressively do more harm. One by one the intel-MSM mission will be to tandemly act as tag team snipers picking off Trump’s most important players in addition to the movement already gaining traction bent on a Trump impeachment. Once the elite controllers decide to pull the plug on the US dollar and house of cards economy, Trump’s hold on his presidency will be eroding faster than the Oroville spillway.

Yet another reason Flynn was unfairly targeted was his close relations with Russia and commitment to fight ISIS instrumental in serving Trump’s objective to forge a positive working partnership with Putin to eradicate the terrorists. Clearly, CIA deep state has a counter-agenda to only enflame hostilities with Russia designed to lead to World War III. The last thing they want is a strong Eastern ally in Russia that would render NATO obsolete, and Flynn had well established friendly relations with both Russian military as well as Kremlin members.

Astute former Congressman Dennis Kucinich called it on Fox news Tuesday morning, stating that US intelligence is behind the Flynn resignation as an obvious ploy to reignite the cold war with Russia so that the “military industrial intel axis can cash in.” Kucinich concluded:

There’s a game going on inside the intelligence community where there are those who want to separate the US from Russia in a way that would reignite the Cold War.

Still another explanation that likely contributed to Flynn’s removal is his strong stance against Iran. Obama and company worked years to finally secure the P-6 nuclear arms agreement with Iran and Flynn was leading the attack to unravel it. Obama loyalists like his advisor Ben Rhodes and other deep state operatives have also been working behind the scenes long before Monday setting Flynn up for his fall.

What we’ve seen relentlessly every single day since Trump became president is the faction of deep state power that’s long been a permanent Washington fixture that under Trump stands to lose its power. So deep state wasted no time aggressively trying to resist Trump’s agenda and launch a covert offensive to take Flynn and eventually Trump out and down. A coalition of sour grapes losers have their backs up against the wall fighting an insurgency war against the Trump presidency. Like caged animals, they will continue viciously playing the cloak and dagger game to try and take down Trumpty Dumpty and all his king’s men. Hence their desperately defiant resolve to remove Trump from the White House ASAP. The nexus of deep state neocons, the CIA, the neoliberal press and the Clinton-Obama minions still remain a formidable anti-Trump coalition foe, still ruling over US foreign policy. The fundamental change of aligning with Russia as a strategy to challenge and break up the Eastern alliance has already given way to the cold war about to turn much hotter.

Promoting the idea that Putin is pushing Trump into a balance of power shift abandoning NATO for normalized relations with Russia, playing on smaller Baltic nations’ paranoia that Putin will pounce and make them his western satellites again, Intel and its control over the propaganda machine have already sunk Trump’s noninterventionist-pro Putin ship.

These shady forces have been working aggressively on overtime with a highly organized political assassination hit squad operating in a multitude of arenas. Propagandizing the lie that Putin launched a military offensive in the Donbass region with rocket and artillery fire killing Ukraine soldiers when the truth is Senators McCain and Graham spent the New Year giving Kiev the greenlight to make yet another push for war against the Donetsk People’s Republic, assuring Poroshenko that “we have your back.” This comes far closer to violating the Logan Act than anything Flynn did, although there’s a good chance that Obama quietly sent them off to Ukraine with unspoken blessings.

There is a blatant and relentless push to sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency, originating within the deep state that’s still firmly entrenched after being in control during the near forty year reign of terror under the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama dynasty. Essentially the same shadow government that John Kennedy prophetically warned us about shortly before it killed him has been in power ever since. And Trump is already learning who his real boss is.